Uganda ~ Kabaka opens the 18th Session of Buganda Lukiiko

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Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II opened the 18th Lukiiko session with a call on the people to exploit the Kingdom’s rich potentials to uplift their standards.

Kabaka Mutebi who was speaking during the official opening of the Lukiiko on Monday 24th January 2011 at Bulange- Mengo noted that Buganda is endowed with great soils, abundant water and good climate which should be put to maximum use to obtain development.

He challenged people to strive higher for the betterment of their lives instead of expecting development from foreigners who also come here to foster their own development.

Kabaka expressed his concern over increasing levels of poverty, declining education standards, poor health services and lack of jobs which he said have frustrated many people especially the youth who live tertiary institutions but cannot find jobs to sustain their lives. He urged the Lukiiko to work towards helping his people through all these challenges.

Kabaka Mutebi furthermore called upon his people to help their children devote, love, cherish, understand and respect their origin, language and culture.

He stressed that there is need to mobilize people in Buganda to prepare their children to devote their hearts to the Kingdom in the efforts to promote and sustain its prestigious status.

Kabaka therefore challenged all leaders at different levels in Buganda to be audacious in the efforts to promoting the Kingdom and to do away with solace all the time.

He urged all members of the Lukiiko to always turn up for the sittings each time they are called upon to do so.

Kabaka was also thankful to the many people who sacrifice their efforts to serve the Kingdom voluntarily and those who donate towards its treasury throughout the year.

Here are some photos from the Lukiiko Session:


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