Galiwango, Uganda’s First Animated Film screened at the African Film Festival in Sweden

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By Solomon W. Jagwe (Director, Galiwango Animated Film), SWEDEN | | Shared experiences are the best, and this one is shaping up to be an awesome one that just can’t be kept under wraps. I would like to thank the team at CinemaFrica for their support and for selecting the Galiwango Film for screening at the African Film Festival. The film was scheduled to be shown from the 24th to the 27th of March. It has been a great experience, seeing as this was my first time to travel to Stockholm Sweden. The film was first screened on Friday, March 26th and received a lot of support. Galiwango will be screened today, March 26th and tomorrow, March 27th.

There seemed to be amazement that the animated film industry in Africa was growing, and that Uganda was coming up as well. I had to remind those who asked, that in Uganda, the industry was still in its infancy and needed a lot of support. I also talked about the goal of the film and the need to conserve and protect the last remaining 786 mountain gorillas. I emphasized the need to provide support to the game rangers so they can effectively carry out their noble jobs of protecting endangered wildlife. I made sure to share the story of the Batwa, a forest people who were displaced from the Bwindi forest and who are now struggling to survive and to fit in a modern world without the basic right of owning land and living as squatters on other people’s land. Do take a look at this link with some indepth reporting.

I took time out from the Festival to go site seeing. Stockholm is a beautiful city with architecture depicting great character. The eye does not get weary of the details and variety in construction. The people I have met have said that Stockholm looks like any other big European city, but from where I stand, it still looks gorgeous and the people are so vibrant. I had to stop and remember that this was the country where Tiger woods ex-wife is from – and I noticed that a lot of the women carry the same traits. There seem to be more blonde haired women than in your average US city. They are all clad in warm clothing because it is still winter here and snow is just starting to melt. The weather is rather chilly, but that could be because I am from Uganda, and live in a warm state in the US, North Carolina.

Stockholm offers a wide range of cuisine. I ventured out and tried some Indian cooking – I went for the one with 3 chilli peppers off to the side on the menu I was handed – big mistake!! It was so hot, and I quickly forgot about the cold weather outside, I had to discard my jacket as I started to sweat profusely. The food was delicious, but hot like crazy!! I continue to take in Sweden with open eyes and ears. I loved the melodic sound of their language. It makes want to bob my head side to side, hahaha!

I will continue to share my experiences from this trip. It has been great interacting with other African Film Directors from Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and several other countries. I am learning a lot from their experiences. It has been an eye opening experience, listening to their shared journey as they have gone about trying to get funding for their films. It’s a tough economy and takes some resilience and dedication to the craft, otherwise it’s very easy to give up the dream.

Here are some Photos from the African Film Festival trip to Sweden.

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