Boston ~ Herbert Lwanyagga’s Memorial Service | This Saturday At St Peter’s COU 4:00PM.

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Herbert Lwanyagga 46, died on the spot when his Discovery Land Rover lost control on Route 128/Interstate I-95 in Burlington, Massachusetts. According to State Police the accident occurred at about 1:43am. The accident was also listed as a single car crash in the northbound lane of I-95 between exits 33A and 33B. Speed was the main contributing factor and the victim was not wearing a seat belt the statement added.

At the time of the accident the deceased was travelling back home after attending the Boston Twegaite Convention. Herbert Lwanyagga’s remains will be transported back to Uganda for burial next week.

The late Herbert was a brother to Godfrey Kasibante ‘Gentleman’ and a cousin to David Makumbi, Ronald Lutakome, Ronnie Mayanja, Fred Mayanja, Stella Namukwaya and Sarah Mulindwa.

A wake and a special service will be held at St Peters Church of Uganda in Waltham this coming Saturday at 4:00PM, Church address 750 Main St. Waltham, MA. Mourners continue to hold vigil at 26 Beacon Village, Block 15D in Burlington every week night. Contributions can be forwarded to 1-978-235-2459 or 1-781-301-1480

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    Rev. Jessica Nakawombe

    Very sad indeed. Kitalo nnyo bannaffe!!
    Folks be careful while driving at night especially on freeways.
    Kitalo abenganda, abako nabemikwano. Very untimely death. May God fill the emptiness he has left. May He comfort and heal your grief. And may He supply all your needs at this trying time.

    “Show me, LORD, my life’s end
    and the number of my days;
    let me know how fleeting my life is.
    You have made my days a mere handbreadth;
    the span of my years is as nothing before you.
    Everyone is but a breath,
    even those who seem secure.
    Psalm 39:4-5

    Kim_Dave Kimuli

    How tragic…some of these incidents are really annoying…and yet, God is in control…so sorry!!!

    Joseph W. Kamugisha

    Kitalo nnyo bambi, it was such a big loss to the relatives, family friends and to all those who knew the late Lwanyaga, yet another big lesson for all of us not to underestimate the importance of gadgets such seatbelts. None of us know when the unexpected will take place in our lives, but prevention is better than cure and “Okwelinda, ssi butti”

    May Lwanyagga’s soul rest in eternal peace.


    barbara ngobi

    kitalo nyo may god rest his soul in peace, At least he had lived his life but he cut it short. Banange my fellow ugandans kyino kigezo from mukama and awake up call. banage okunya novuga its not a good idea and putting a seat belt it is easy as eating matoke.having a seat belt on, could have avoided this tragety and the pain herbert’s family is going through at this time.

    Fena lyekubo.


    am missing u so much dear friend,am lost without you,summer will never be de same without you sweet friend,may u rest R I P.u’re gonna but u’ll never be forgotten,i need dis pain to go away,i neeed dat chan ce to talk to u.i hope u’re resting peacefully.i can take a few tears now and then and i cant just let them not afraid to cry every once in a while even though going on with u gone still upsets me.i pretend i’m ok but that’s not wat get me.R I P my sweet friend.


    Dear Friends,

    All we can do is pray for the departed soul, may the almighty bless and provide everlasting peace to the family and friends in pain.

    May God keep us all safe.


    Herbert you were a true friend to Kasumba family and we shall always miss you as a brother. May God bless your soul forver.

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