Kampala Entertainment ~ Stand Up Comedy Takes Uganda By Storm!

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By Ronnie Mayanja, Dispatch from Kampala ~ Several year’s ago stand up comedy as an art was not popular and to some of us who worked in the media business at the time, we never thought it even existed save for some few appearances at musical concerts where popular Mcees made attempts to crack up their audiences as a way to spice up concerts.

However having lived in the US for over 10 years and attended some of the most popular comedy centers in the Atlanta, I was therefore pleasantly surprised when an invitation was extended to me to witness first hand how big the comedy industry had grown in Uganda.

I had arrived shortly before showtime at theater La’ Bonita where the Crackers Comedy group was staging their mid-week popular performance.

It was a full house even before the show began. The producers who had invited me kept me waiting outside the main auditorium as they tried to find me a seat in the VIP section that was already full with dignitaries that included John. W. Katende a prominent Kampala lawyer.

Shortly after I was seated and the show was underway with curtain raisers that included Vampino taking to the stage to perform some of their most popular hits. Not long after it was showtime as Alex the MCee invited different comedians to the stage to do their thing.

Many of comedians left me in stitches though one unlucky fellow was heckled off stage once he started telling his audience to shut up!! Alex the Mcee made fodder out of the situation by inviting the comedian back on stage and reminded his audience that we all have an ugly friends in life perhaps proof that they too had their ugly moment. The downside to the show was much of the comedy seemed centered around sexual content which earns the show an R 18 rating for mature content.

The crackers comedy show is also carried by a popular channel NTV Uganda and enjoy sponsorship from some of the leading radio stations in Uganda. According to the American journal of medicine, laughter increases a secretion of “catecholamines and endorphins”, which in turn increases oxidation of the blood, relaxes the arteries, speeds up the heart, and decreases blood pressure. That produces a positive effect on all cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

That in turn will improve any ailments that have occurred in these systems. The immune system will also be enhanced, and the individual will have a more positive response when being exposed to diseases due to outside influences.

At about 10:30p the show was over and we faded into the night as these comedians left many of their revellers in stitches with their jokes that took on politics and all other aspects of Kampala’s social life.

It has been said that laughter is indeed medicine for the soul and so I left that evening feeling so much
better after experiencing Uganda’s stand up comedy revolution first hand!

Some Photos from the Comedy Evening:

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