A terror suspect kidnapped in Kenya and detained in Uganda, to sue the British government

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PRESS TV ~ A terror suspect is to sue the British government over claims that British and American interrogators tortured him after he was kidnapped in Kenya and detained in Uganda.

According to lawyers of Kenyan business man Omar Awadh Omar, he was illegally detained in Nairobi on 17 September 2010 and taken to Uganda against his will here he was grilled by officers one of them from the British intelligence agencies.

Awadh said he was put under detention, charged with involvement in the July 2010 bombings in the Ugandan capital of Kampala and suffered “cruel and unlawful treatment” by MI5, FBI and Ugandan agents.

Lawyers of Awadh are taking his case to the High Court claiming that a British intelligence agent stamped on his bare feet while seeking answers during an interrogation as he was punched, threatened and sexually humiliated by an FBI agent.

“This case once again raises grave concerns about the conduct of UK security services overseas. Our client was unlawfully rendered, detained in appalling conditions and subjected to cruel and unlawful treatment by MI5, FBI and Ugandan agents. The Coalition Government promised to end torture under its watch but that promise has already been broken and many uncomfortable questions now fall to be answered,” said Awadh’s British solicitor, Tessa Gregory of Public Interest Lawyers.

Awadh’s lawyers are also calling on the government to release any information they keep classified that may support the claim that “the UK Security and Intelligence Services have become mixed up in serious wrongdoing”.

Awadh’s interrogators charged him with having been present at a meeting where participants planned two suicide bomb attacks on a restaurant and a rugby club in Kampala.

The attacks did take place on July 11, killing 79 people who were watching the World cup final on television.

However, Awadh, who is being held in Luzira prison in Kampala, has told his lawyers that the questions he was asked during interrogation were not related to the Kampala bombings at all.

“If I could obtain the notes of my interrogations by British and American agents it would be very helpful to my criminal defence,” he said in a statement given to his lawyers.

“I was never asked anything about the Kampala bombings during interrogations,” the statement added.


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