Official Election Results ~ UNAA Denver Electoral Commission 2011

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Dear Ugandan Community and Friends, On behalf of the Electoral Commission, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the past UNAA President, Board Members and the Denver Organizing Committee for the job well done, while coordinating one of the best and well organized Conventions in the history of UNAA. For those of you who attended, you can agree with me that we had a great time and those who were not able to attend, we missed you but we hope to see you in Philadelphia.

Special thanks to ALL the candidates who spent their time, money and other resources to campaign for positions. It is our hope that your visions and ideas will still be be carried out even if you were not successful this time. We are also very grateful to those voters who took the time to participate in the voting exercise.

Allow me to congratulate the new leadership, who vowed to take UNAA to the next level. Please remember what you promised the membership during your campaigns and at the Debate. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and as you strive to deliver on your promises.

Attached please accept the official results of the elections and the official communication is posted on results. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

Ms. Peace Seninde
Chairperson, Electoral Commission
UNAA EC-Denver 2011

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    Thanks Ronnie for keeping us informed about UNAA and other news.

    However, you are still silent about the current division in UNAA and the issues raised by the :Reformers” some of which appears to be legitimate. Don’t you think some investigative journalism is required here to bring the truth out from an impartial source like yours.

    Does the UNAA board voted in by only 115 members really legitimate?
    Why was did UNAA operate for many years without valid registration an who should be made accountable for this?
    Which of the two UNAA’s is technically legal or re representative of the Ugandans in the Diaspora?

    Many of us need to be educated on what is going on from an impartial source like your blog.

    Thanks lot.

    Henry Ndawula

    Roland Atukunda

    Impartial,how?? Mr Mayanja has been a board member of this very organization for two consecutive terms!! Era “Akavaamu yakiyita Ekyaato”…

    Whatever happened to the Chicago “court injunction”????!!!

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