Kampala City Council Authority – KCCA Executive Director Makes a Stop Over In Dallas, Tx

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By Rev. Joseph W. Kamugisha, DALLAS ~ The Executive Director of the Kampala Capital City Authority, Mrs. Jeniffer Semakula Musisi, safely landed at the Dallas Fort worth Airport, where she was met by a sizeable group of people lead by Ms. Sylvia Karuga, one of the Chamber Board members from the Dallas East African Chamber of Commerce, which will also be hosting her for the next three days in Dallas, Texas, where she will be participating in a three day conference starting on October 13th-15th 2011.

Ms. Jennifer S. Musisi, is slated to open the convention with Keynote address this coming Friday on October 13th at the Marriott Hotel near Down Town Dallas. As part of her itinerary the Kampala City Authority Executive Director is expected to meet with the Mayor of the City of Dallas as well as interacting with many US government officials, business leaders from both East Africa and also the international community.

Behind her visibly tired and jet laged appearance emerged a soft spoken, but tough “Iron Lady” as she has been recently dubbed because of her fearless confrontations with her challengers in the effort to execute her responsibilities. Upon arrival she was treated to a wonderful Texan dinner, in a typical warm Texas weather.

Ms. Musisi, revealed that before the Presidential appointment to her current job as the city’s Executive Director, did not need a job as she was anxiously looking forward to her retirement after having served in different government parastatals for over fifteen years, a personal businesses to run in addition to a dear old aged mother who she calls her biggest mentor in everything she does besides her savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Once she was asked by the President to become the first Executive Director of the newly formed authority Jennifer accepted the appointment. She is committed to the execution and delivery of the best results for the city in which she grew that has not only seen abuse but also poor management. The employees many of whom have been very irresponsible and carless characters were feeding their bellies and accumulating the Tax payers money in their own secret bank accounts.

Ms. Musisi, said that she worked in the Internal department at Uganda Revenue Authority but the problems she found there dont even compare to the rote found in the now defunct Kampala City Council or “KCC”. “There was nothing as disorganized as KCC when I took over!” The iron lamented!

The problems were so many that she did not know where to start but by God’s grace and a team effort she has with a temporary staff and recently hired team of members, the job has been steadily moving well, with several suspects now in jail to the point that they do not know what to do with the rest because they are “way too many for us to handle and chase around.”

Some have been caught driving city vehicles with fake registration plates, others have been found to have borrowed money from different banking institutions while using the fake land titles or the city owned land titles, but it even gets worse when there are some who would dare show up at the end of the month to pick their “salaries” but have actually never been employed by the council!

And that is not to mention some “tough” fellows who had at one time claimed that the houses they were refusing to vacate at the KCCA orders, were either “given” to them by the “President” while others claimed to have been operating “National intelligence operations” in KCC houses, and went on to threaten me her with “arrest” if she did not leave them alone! But at the end of the day, Ms. Jenifer Musisi, who is not only a trained Lawyer but one who also has the Law behind everything she does while executing her job, finally prevailed over all threats and intimidations.

The three day international conference is sponsored by the East African Chamber of Commerce, whose founders are natives of different East African countries resident in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and these include Brian Kwesiga, who serves as the associations Treasurer, Mr. Ben Kazora, the Secretary and Ms. Sylvia Karuga as Board member.

In a city she is visiting for the first time in her official capacity as the Executive Director of “KCCA”, Madame Musisi, is not only looking forward to establishing and attracting business partners and investors between her Kampala city Authority but says she is open to work with everybody who is willing to partner with her in improving Kampala.

Creating opportunities for business people, sharing insight on the future opportunities in the fields of economic development, science and technology as well as recruiting electronic engineers, a shortage she said was highly hampering some of her work efforts. On that note, she made a precise appeal to some of the engineers present at the private function to consider applying for jobs with the “KCCA” a position which Ms. Musisi said is highly vital and eagerly awaiting to be filled.

Before her return to Kampala, Mrs. Jenifer Semakula Musisi, is scheduled to meet with other Ugandans in the Dallas Fort-Worth metro area on Saturday October 15th between 12:00pm to 05:00pm everyone is invited to come and meet with one of the most rare guests in town.

For additional information please contact Brian Kwesiga; 972.415.6372

Reported By: Rev. Joseph W. Kamugisha
Dallas, TX
Tel: 817.500.6147 Email:

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