The Day Ugandans In Boston Commemorated Uganda’s 49th Independence Day

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By Ronnie Mayanja ~ A couple of weeks ago Ugandans commemorated their 49th independence anniversary in the US, various community local chapters celebrated this independence day with festivities and meetings of their own.

In Boston a number of events were held to mark this memorable day. First came the independence day dance organised by Tuli Mukintu and DJ Paddy of Radio Uganda Boston.This independence dance was held at the Sons of ItalyWaltham community center.

Then on Independence sunday it was the UNAA BBQ held at the Arlington park in Water town where the incoming UNAA leaders got introduced and samples of the Tooke flour distributed to those in attendance.

Because an invitation had also been extended to UNAA Times, we made attempts to reach out to folks gathered at the Hilton Garden Inn in Waltham, where the Mayor of Waltham had earlier been invited. And although we caught the tail end of the full day seminar it was quite interesting to hear the different view points during the spirited debate.

UNAA times now brings you some of the highlights in pictures of all the festivities during the independence day weekend!

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