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By Ronnie Mayanja | Editor, Ugandan Diaspora Times Online |  Dear Readers,  A “belated Happy New year!”, It’s a new day — UNAA Times is now in transition to the Ugandan Diaspora Times.  Apologies to all of our ardent readers who did not find our editorial posted on January 1st 2012.  This transition will bring broader coverage which will go beyond North America to include our Ugandan Diaspora communities around the globe!

To this end, allow me to share some great things that happened as we concluded the year 2011. UNAA Times Online and its readership grew but as they always say change is good we are now moving into a quarterly print magazine and also changing our online name. However our URLs will remain the same as we re-direct traffic to our new site. This transition will barely affect you the reader.

We launched the Ugandan Diaspora Network and were able to successfully host a colorful and well attended First Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Gala, held at Kampala Serena Hotel and presided over by His Excellency Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi, The Vice President of the Republic of Uganda. We were extremely humbled by many of our accomplished honorees and guests who flew from all over the world to be at this inaugural event. These included Dr. Shaka Ssali, Lady Justice Julia Ssebutinde, Dr. Munini Mulera, Captain Lukiya Mulumba, Dr. Sarah Matovu and NAACP nominee Omega Bugembe, to mention but a few.  Our second Diaspora social networking gala will be held at Kampala Serena hotel on 30th December 2012. [See link below]

Last year’s event received an overwhelming show of support and will definitely become a successful annual social networking highlight which many Diaspora Ugandans can look forward to at the end of each calendar year. To help in this effort, we ask all those Ugandans with contacts of accomplished Ugandans, in the areas of Academia, Science, Medicine, Sports, Music, Arts and Philanthropy especially, to reach out to us so we can recognise and celebrate these distinguished compatriots. This is one way we can inspire the next generation of leaders and reclaim our pride as the Pearl of Africa. [Send us mail at]

Talking of which, this coming Sunday, another distinguished Ugandan, Mathias Kiwanuka,  grandson of the first Prime Minister of Uganda, Benedicto Kiwanuka, will be playing in the American Football championship known as the Super Bowl, held this year in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he will play as a linebacker for the New York Giants team as it goes up against the New England Patriots. This is a special moment not only for Kiwanuka’s family, but for all Ugandans, to celebrate his success and his triumph. [See link below to learn more]

This year Ugandan associations like the Ugandan Community in British Columbia will hold their first Canadian Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia.  As the first Ugandan Canadian Convention, this will draw a lot of big names and attract some Ugandan Asians, especially from the Agha Khan’s Islamiya sect, many of whom were re-settled in Canada after their expulsion by Idi Amin in 1972. Let us hope that this homecoming will also help bring healing and closure to this dark chapter in the history of our nation.  Therefore as a member of the organising committee of this convention and one charged with its Public Relations Affairs, I invite you all to Vancouver for an experience of a lifetime.

This year Uganda will be celebrating 50 years as a sovereign State, and I cannot help but ask; how do we celebrate this Golden Jubilee and inspire the next generation to be more patriotic and loving of our nation, the way, say, Americans do love theirs. Several years ago, a leading Ugandan playwright, Alex Mukulu, wrote a play 30 Years of Bananas. Some might ask today whether Uganda is ripe for another 50 Years of Bananas, given our past history, corrupt governments and poor leadership.

As the generation that witnesses this Jubilee, how do we inspire our children to be Proudly Ugandan? This is a question I will leave with my fellow Ugandans to ponder as we set out to celebrate our heritage, culture and golden anniversary.  After 50 years as an independent nation what have we achieved and what can we do as a people to experience a re-birth over the next 50 years?

Finally, May the new year bring hope, abundance, favor and fulfillment not only for Uganda but to all your individual households. And to all our esteemed readers and sponsors, thank you for the being there for us through the years. We could not have achieved anything without your support, encouragement and good will.  God bless you and God bless the Ugandan Diaspora Community!

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