Activists For Change (A4C) Pressure Group Outlawed In Uganda

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Source – The New Vision, Statement from the Inspector General of Police.


“Under section 56(2)(c) of the Penal Code Act, Cap.120, Attorney General Hon. Peter Nyombi today (Wednesday the 4th of April 2012) issued a Declaration Of Unlawful Societies Order in respect of Activists for Change (A4C). This statutory order was exercised citing A4C as a society dangerous to peace and order in Uganda.

As the IGP it now befalls on me and the police force to enforce this statutory implement on behalf of the government.

The police have an obligation to allow groups to exercise their rights and hold lawful rallies as is their constitutional right to do so. However in the past, many rallies organised by groupings and bodies have turned violent when infiltrated by A4C. The democratic purpose of such rallies has of late been overshadowed by the apparent efforts of the A4C society to use such events to incite civil disobedience and disorder.

A4C have openly called for the overthrowing of Government, openly called on civilians to take arms and turn them against police and government. A4C have used stones and other weapons at these rallies leading to mass injury amongst civilians, journalists and police alike, and most recently loss of life. The police welcome and will work with opposition parties and other groups that wish to demonstrate as is their constitutional right.

The Attorney General holds a responsibility to redress these unlawful actions in the interest of civil society and under section 56 of the Penal Code is well within his remit to declare the A4C grouping unlawful. To ignore this violence is simply unacceptable and it would be negligent for the government and for the police to allow this to continue.

Let me reiterate that every Ugandan has the right to freedom of lawful assembly and freedom of speech in accordance with the constitution. It is our responsibility to safeguard the democratic right of all citizens to exercise this right.

Responsibility also befalls the media in relation to the reporting of these events. It should not be taken for granted that all rallies are organised by A4C, they simply are not.

Let me again take this opportunity to restate the commitment of police to serve and protect all Ugandans and their constitutional rights”.

IGP LT. Gen Kale Kayihura

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    Joseph Kamugisha

    Attorney Gen. Hon.Peter Nyombi, should be ashamed of himself for compromising his core moral values and Legal ethics as a Lawyer who has not only been practicing Law since the mid-Seventies when Idi Amin’s rule was at it’s worst and through all the regimes that preceded. What i don’t get from this “Learned Fellow”, is what he has not forgoten from the past regimes or what he can’t see in the present regime in comparison to the regimes he has served in the past as a Lawyer?

    Some of your friends, Peter, who rose with you in the Legal practice ranks from the Seventies, todate, like Justice Ssebutinde and Sam Mayanja, should be ashamed of you by now.


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