Uganda Nordics VIP Convention 6th April to 8th April, 2012 Easter Cruise

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Uganda on the Move-The Nordic Perspective ~ The Guest of Honor, H.E Vice  President of Uganda Edward Ssekandi Kiwanuka, will deliver a Key Note speech about the business perceptive of  Uganda’s past, present and Future.

On 9th October 2012, Uganda will be marking  50 years of Independence.  The Ugandan Diaspora is debating  weather to Celebrate or Forget the past 50 years. Without an examination of the events and the journey the Country has undertaken, Uganda would be heading  blindly into the next 50 years.  The  role of the Ugandan Diaspora in Uganda’s past cannot be underestimated. Therefore as a  Ugandan diaspora you need to engage actively in the  economic  direction of Ugandas  future.As all process in Life Uganda has undergone several phases and is undergoing more changes all the time.  We need to learn from our past to be able to forecast our Future.

Manager at Topsøe A/S.  Mr.Helge Rosenberg

In the drive to economic development, the environment has paid a high price and most countries are paying high prices for the effects of global warming and pollution. For Uganda we need to ensure that the beauty of the African pearl is maintained despite the economic development that we aim for. Mr. Helge Rosenberg’ company Topsøe A/S  makes catalysts that are combined with Technology to reduce toxic and make use of waste, e.g making fertilizers from oil industry bi-products, In so  doing gaining several environmental benefit Get to know your opportunities in  green technology .What Opportunities his company and several other companies from the Nordics are creating in Uganda.

DP President,  Mr.Norbert Mao

One of the distinguished Speakers at the Convention will be  Democratic Party( DP)  President and last year’s  Ugandan Presidential Candidate, Mr Norbert Mao. One of the common challenge that faces  the various Diaspora communities, is facing  several obstacles that  makes success  for the Diaspora  to be an almost impossible achievement.

In his Life  Mr. Norbert Mao  is a living testimony to achieving  impossibilities. This time he will be sharing  business insights for the  Ugandan Diaspora where  and how to target the  seemingly impossible economic success while contributing to  both your motherland and you host country. Get his thought as to what he believes the economic role  of the Ugandan Diaspora and our economic partners should be  in the economic emancipation of Africa.

ChairmanPotraitPeter Ntende, Chairman

On behalf of the Uganda Convention Nordics (UCN), the Uganda Associations in the Nordic countries and the Uganda Embassy in Denmark, I am honoured to invite you all to participate at the UCN from 6 to 8 April 2012, on board the Pearl of Scandinavian cruise boat.  A new chapter is opened in the Nordics, in solidarity with the past Ugandan conventions, in the US and the UK.

UCN has a vision to explore the economic opportunities within the Nordic Region that are relevant to the Uganda Diaspora in the Nordics and the Ugandan business community.

The convention aims to kick-start this vision, by bringing Nordic business people that have an interest in investing or expanding their market in Uganda, the Uganda Diaspora in the Nordics and other Ugandans that are looking for Joint ventures, investors or innovative projects. The outcome should be new ventures with a Nordic touch based on opportunity,expertise,innovation,research and accountability.

The  convention is to take place aboard the Pearl of Scandinavia cruise boat. The boat has a capacity of 2000 people and includes all necessities for the convention. As such the  registration fee will cover the entire accommodation, meals, Entertainment and the convention workshop

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