A Thank you note | Susan Kideni Nabweteme’s remains will be heading home to Uganda this week.

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Dear sisters and brothers,
On behalf of Suzan’s family, relatives, and friends, I would like to thank each and everyone of you that has donated, prayed, and comforted us during the recent trying times of repatriating Suzan’s body back to Uganda. As the President of Dallas Fort Worth Mr. Atigo Monday mentioned in his earlier communication, YES Suzan’s body will leave Dallas, Texas tomorrow May 21st arriving  Entebbe on Wednesday May 23rd, 2012. Her burial will take place on Thursday May 24th at Mpigi (instead of Kiboga) which is also her ancestor’s burial place per her family.
Special thanks go to each of you who have managed to support us in raising over $ 6000 dollars that will be used towards the transportation of our sister’s remains to her final resting place in Uganda. Thank you so much.  Below is the break down of all those who have stood with us to make this happen.
STATES: Texas -Dallas,  Massachusetts – Boston, Washington State, Maryland, Pennsylvania, California, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Michigan.
COUNTRIES: Canada, German, Sweden, Norway, and France
CHURCHES: St. Peter’s Church – Boston, Catholic Community -California, Global Evangelical -Boston, House of prayers -Dallas, Ms. Joyce Prayer Line.
OTHERS: UNAA Times Blog On line, Radio Munansi, Radio Uganda Boston, Kalibu restaurant -Boston. I apologize if your name or community is omitted. It is not intentional but this could be due to your request to remain anonymous or we failed to identify you.
Lastly, thank you so much Mr. Mayanja Ronnie, Mr. Simple, Mr. Ntege, Mr. Kwesiga Brian, Dallas Fort Worth family in conjunction with your executive committee, and especially Mr. Atigo Monday for immediately answering my phone call within the the first 2 hours I learned of Suzan’s death through Police and the Medical examiner. I would not have done this without your dedicated mobilization!
Overall, to each of you, despite of all your family ties and hectic schedules, you never turned down my request to battle like a soldier to return Suzan’s remains back to Mpgigi. Once again thank you so much for your love, care, phone calls, radio messages, comforting words from wherever you reside globally. Please remain assured that with people like you, we all deserve the best in this foreign country. I  lam happy to be your sister!
Details for the Memorial Service and a celebration of Shiellah’s life with us will be held in Dallas on dates which will be communicated shortly by Mr. Atigo.
Contact Information:
Mr. Brian Kwesiga:  972-415-6372
Lukiah Mulumba  210-842-4287
Peace and Love,



Dear Community Members,

On behalf of Suzan’s family, relatives, and friends, I would like to thank each and everyone that has come out thus far, and supported the initiative to ensure that Sheillah’s remains get back to her loved ones in Uganda. The initiative is still under way and I urge everyone that has not had the opportunity to join forces with us to please come forth and give our sister a peaceful send off.

Total package for Suzan’s Funeral and Burial is $8,000. This includes Embalming, Casket, and Transportation from the Funeral home to Uganda. As of Friday April 27th 2012, we had $394 collected, however, we have since managed to raise a total of $4504.74. Special thanks go out to the individuals and organizations listed below according their States of residence.

Dallas Fort Worth TX($2194)
Pastor Richard & Mrs. Bazanye, 2). Mr. Israel Mwesigwa , 3) Ms. Margaret Kyakuwa  4) Mr. Brain Kwesiga , 5) House of Prayers, 6) Mr. William Opoka, 7) Ms. Margaret Kyakuwa  8 ) Patrick & Aisha Ogwang  9) Ronnie & Daphine Rutehenda, 10) Rhoda Kutesa, 11) Ms. Brenda Kyosimire, 12) Ms. Kato Leslie, 13) Mr. Richard Muhunde, 14) Dr. Abu Senkayi, 15) Mr. Joe Kabali 16) Mr. Mugambe & Family, 17) Pastor Darius Twagirayesu, 18) Mr. Mumpi Fred, 19) Lynie & Abraham Muzinga, 20) Agnes Mskarukid, 21) Yvonne Kirschstein, 22) Juliet Byandagara, 23) Adam Senyonga & Family 24) Mr. & Mrs. Kyobe, 25) Mr. Wasswa & Family, 26) Mr. Farouk Mutesasira & Lilian, 27) Mr. Roy Kayizi 7 Family, 28) Ms. Juliet Okello & Family, 29) Ms. Sauda Naddamba. 30) House of Prayer Christian Church.

Boston, MA.($1082)
1) Sister’s saloon, 2) Prudence, 3) Ms. Florence Alston 4) Mr. Wasswa, 5) Ms. Irene & Henry Kaggwa, 6) Mr. Sewankambo, 7) Mr. Martin Byakuleka  8 ) Ms. Ssenga Kate, 9) Kabwama, 10) Taata Kasozi, 11) Mr. Tendo Francis, 12) Ms. Angela Ssemukutu, 13) Ms. Marion Namuwaya, 14) Ms. Mama Maria magala, 15) Bonita MB, 16) Dustan mubiru, 17) Radio Uganda Boston, 18) St. Peter’s church

1) Mr. Lukanda, 2) Ms. Musoke Rose, 3) Ms. Jalia Walusimbi, 4) Mr. Kasozi

1) Ms. Wendy Byabika, 2) Ayub Kibeedi.

North Carolina.($100)
Names withheld

1) Mr. Twaha Bukenya, 2) Ms. Lane Matovu

1) Mr. Kizito Abubaker

1) Mr. & Mrs. Magoola

Canada. ($200)
1) Mr. Philip Senyonga
2) Dr. Ntabazi Mathew

Hosted Fundraising Events for Suzan’s Lumbe:
Ms. Kutesa Rhodha – 4/21/2012
Mr. Adam Senyonga & Family – 4/29/2012

Media / Mobilizers/ Representative:
Uganda American Sickle Cell Rescue Fund – Capt. Lukiah Mulumba
Radio Munansi – Mr. Lukanda Manda
Radio Uganda Boston – Mr. Simple Nsereko
UNAA Times Online – Mr. Ronnie Mayanja & Solomon Jagwe
Radio Kibya bataka – Mr. Kyobe Mathias
DFW Executive Committee – Mr. Atigo Monday

Bank Account Details:
Bank: Bank Of America
Acct #: 0837570788 Routing #: 121000358
Name: Lucky L Mulumba FUND

Wires: Money gram or Western Union – please wire to Lucky Lukiah Mulumba

Checks & Money orders: Please mail to the following address:
Lukiah Mulumba
201 Bradley Blvd.
Travis AFB, CA 94535.

Point of Contact information
Capt. Lukiah L Mulumba: 210-842-4287 Email: or
Mr. Monday Atigo: 214 603 7241 . Email:
Mr. Brian Kwesiga: 972 415 6372 . Email:

May Sheillah’s Soul Rest in Peace.

Monday Atigo


Dear Community Members,

As we prepare for Suzanne’s second Lumbe Fundraiser @ Aunt Betty’s residence this Saturday April 28th starting 6pm, I wanted to provide a quick update on our sister. Suzanne was released by the Medical Examiner’s Office on Monday to Denton Funeral Home, where the County normally would send any unclaimed bodies awaiting relatives and friends.

However, we had to remove her from the above facility because we were going to incur daily storage fees given our financial situation.
We have been able to transfer her to Johnston’s Family Mortuary located in Fort Worth, a facility that we are familiar with and owned by a Kenyan native, who is also a Friend to The Ugandan Community in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Our current budget is $8000 to cover an Air-Tight Casket, Preping her Body, Travel Documents, and An Air Ticket  to Uganda. We have so far collected $400 in cash, and $1200 in Pledges, which I urge members to honor in a timely manner.  Although there are other Communities across the Country that are working around the clock to raise funds towards this cause, I encourage you members of the UAA-DFW Community to Show Solidarity and come in large numbers this Saturday to ensure that Suzanne does not have to lie on Cold Steel any longer than she already has.  May her Soul rest in peace!

Monday Atigo
President UAA-Dallas/Fort Worth


Dear Friend,

Our community lost a Sister and she had no close relatives in the USA however you and I can give Susan Kideni Nabweteme a respectable burial by contributing towards her transportation back home to her loved ones.

Details are provided below;

Date; Saturday April 28th 2012

Time; 6pm

Venue; Aunt Betty’s Residence

2669 Timber Creek Trail,

Fort Worth TX 76118

Click here to see a map and get directions.

Bank Account Details;

Account; Bank Of America

Routing#121000358 Acct#0837570788;

Name; Lucky L Mulumba FUND

For Moneygram or Western Union payments please mail.

Lukiah Mulumba
201 Bradley blvd
Travis AFB, CA 94535.

Contact information;

Monday Atigo;             214 603 7241      

Brian Kwesiga;               972 415 6372      

Thank you

-Monday Atigo
 President UAA-DFW


Dear community members,

By now most of you may have learnt of the passing of one of our own Suzan Kideni “Shiellah Nabweteme” who was living in the city of Dallas. I and Suzan go a long way in the early 1990’s when we had just immigrated to the United States. Like most of us Suzan followed the winds of fate from her birth place of Kiboga in Uganda to Virginia, Maryland, San Antonio, and finally ending up in the city of Dallas. To my recollection she must have been in Dallas for more than 4 years.

I know she had some friends in Dallas of which at this critical moment none has come up. I learned from my conversation with many of the community leaders that she was not a very active community member. For this, I suggest that we reserve judgment and concentrate on doing the only thing most of us would like to be done unto us, a final resting place of what remains of our bodies in a land so distant geographically yet so near to our hearts for we are sons and daughters of that “soil”.

In view of the fact that I am not living in Dallas and due to my job obligations, I have  entrusted Mr. Monday Atigo who is the community President in Dallas to coordinate the efforts of reptriating Suzan’s remains in what will be her final journey back home. I will continue to coordinate all other related activities with Mr. Atigo who has graciously accepted lead the effort.

Finally the manner that Suzan died should be learning curve for those of us who are still living. There are many times when we have too much on our shoulders that talking to somebody or seeking counselling could be our only help.

An account with Bank of America has now been set up for the benefit of all those who may wish to donate or contribute something towards transporting Suzan’s body back to Uganda.  The following Points Of Contact (POC) have been designated to help us with the process. Please note that next week all the final costs of repatriating Suzan’s remain will be communicated for purposes of full disclosure and accountability.

Bank of America
Lucky L Mulumba FUND, A/c # 0837570788 and Routing # 121000358

President Atigo: 214 -603-7241
Brian Kwesiga: 972-415-6372

Boston Area
Kalibu Restaurant in Boston 781-899-7444, POC for now is Mr. Simple of Radio Uganda Boston. 617-650-0729

Mr. Awichi (Omulangila wengulu) 619-942-0432
Mr. Ntege 818 – 442 -1800

Washington State
Helen Babirye 253-227-2607

New York and New Jersey

Pius Bugembe  917-698-0110

The family of Suzan and her friends are so grateful to all of you for the show of support.

Thank you so much.

Captain Lukiah.


By Captain Lukiah Mulumba ~ To the Ugandan Diaspora Community,  My dear friend and sister Suzan Kideni “Shiellah Nabweteme” Passed away in the city of Dallas, Texas. Police believe she had been dead for more than 14 days. Her body is at the Medical Examiner’s office in Dallas.

She was a registered nurse who lived at Carrollton community, Hillside Texas. She had lived in the US for 17 years, the final 6 years of which were lived in Dallas, Texas.

Burial place: Her soul will be put to rest at Kiboga
Family: She has never been married, has no children, survived by 6 siblings, and both parents are deceased.
Cause of death: Brain aneurysm (abnormal bulging or ballooning of brain vessel) leading to brain hemorrhagic stroke.
Age: 39 years
Death arrangements:
Medical examiner will give us the name of the Funeral Home where her body has been moved on Monday.
Bank: Bank of America
Lucky L Mulumba FUND
A/c: 0837570788
Routing: 121000358
Preparations are underway Account number has been set up, contact has been established with the family.

Captain Lukiah Mulumba,
Cell, 210-842-4287

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    I know Susan Nabweteme’s family in Uganda. My name is Steven Mmembe in Boston. Call me on 781 535 2266


      If you know the family members in Uganda, the logical thing to do would be for you contact them. Also, you can contact Captain Lukiah Mulumba on his cell, 210-842-4287 or e-mail,

      You don’t have to wait for others to contact you.



    Rev. Jessica Nakawombe

    Nga kitalo nnyo bannaffe!!!
    Omuntu afa atya abantu be ne batamanya!

    Stepehen Kizza

    Sorry for the death of omusawo. Most unfortunate, she has not left a child.
    May God rest her soul in peace


    Nga kitalo nnyoo. God bless you Lukiah. May her soul rest in peace.

    Amego Dorothy Gift

    Dear fellow concerned Ug. citizens,
    Thankyou and esp. Steven Mmembe for ‘saving the day’
    with regard to the family of Susan in Kiboga, Uganda.

    Bro. Stepehen Kizza & all, let us remember she has
    left behind siblings to whom she has been a parent.
    May our good Lord be the leader in all the ongoings.

    May the soul of our sister Susan Kideni Nabweteme
    eternally rest In Peace on that high mt. sung of here

    – Amego D. Gift


    May she rest in peace. My condolences to her family in Uganda. I can’t even imagine receiving a casket at Entebbe- our prayers are with them.

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