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Dear Readers,

After what I describe as a long sabbatical of working behind the scenes, we are finally back to resume our monthly Editorials. UNAA Times has been in transition to our new home “The Ugandan Diaspora News.”  We shall now be taking a more global approach to NEWS that affects the entire Diaspora in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and of course Africa. Let us know how you feel about our new site as we endeavor to offer a more interactive online experience. We hope to complete our transition by the end of this year.

To this end,  we are offering an invitation to CITIZEN journalists all over the globe to share stories that highlight life in the Diaspora. We also ask that you invite as many friends as you can to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Our goal is to reach 10,000 followers by the end of the year and we believe we can certainly do this given our large numbers within the Diaspora.

Now that Summer is upon us , allow me to congratulate all those in our different communities that have graduated this past May weathering all the storms associated to intellectual liberation as they saying goes remember ‘the world is your oyster’.

June is a month filled with activity for many of us living in the Diaspora. The “Annual Uganda Martyrs Day” will be held in Boston on June 3rd as pilgrims pay their homage to the Uganda Martyrs, who were persecuted and murdered for their faith. Here is a recap and some images of all the people who made the annual pilgrimage to Boston in commemoration of the Uganda Martyrs.

On June 9th in the city of Hurst, Texas the very first Uganda Diaspora infrastructure Development workshop has been planned to help identify diaspora professionals interested in participating in Uganda’s national development over the next several years. Sponsored by the World bank this workshop that will be addressed by technocrats from the roads, railway and Oil sectors presents a great opportunity for would be attendees to engage the decision makers at various levels in the public sector.

Uganda as a Nation is making 50 years of Independence this year and as we celebrate our Golden Jubilee, Ugandans in the Diaspora ought to be proud of the strides we have made as a nation and pray for a peaceful transition during our next general elections. This year a number of Ugandan Conventions are planned including the very first Ugandan Canadian Business and Social Convention that will also present a political forum titled: ‘Uganda at 50 Past, Present and Future’.

I invite you all to Vancouver for an experience of a lifetime. And please remember to visit their convention website or look out for articles like these describing what awaits you in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Other upcoming events scheduled for this year include the UNAA Convention Philadelphia [], The Banyakigezi Convention in South Carolina and The Tabamiruka Convention in Boston. Also happening this year will be the second UK Convention planned for 15th  September 2012.

Finally be on the look out for the second Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking gala that will be held on December 30th at Kampala Serena Hall,  save the date and checkout last year’s highlights at our event website

In conclusion, I thank you all for believing and supporting our dream to become Uganda’s ambassadors worldwide. Remember that in true Ugandan hospitality fashion we can market our nation as the true number one tourism destination in Africa. And always be proud to be Ugandan!

For God and Our Country

Managing Editor,

Ronnie Mayanja

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    Well done Ronnie Mayanja and your Team, the name change has been long overdue!! Keep it up!!


    Huge stride covering the entire diaspora community. Congratulations!


    Ronnie, thank you for the hard work and keeping Ugandans connected. we need this kind up to date networking to stay informed about our country and how we can stay connected to participate in the future of a nation that badly needs fresh new ideas.

    Dawson Kirabira

    How are you Ronnie?

    Please kindly remove my comment above. I didn’t know that it was going to be permanently displayed for anybody. I am a private person. Thanks in advance.

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