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Dear Readers,

Welcome to July a month in which we commemorate the 234th independence anniversary of the United States of America. Watching Bebe Winans during his ‘America America’  Concert celebrating America’s heritage on cable television’s Centric channel July 4th was another reminder of what makes America special and indeed the “home of the brave”.  Bebe Winans a celebrated gospel icon through his angelic and soulful voice was able to share his patriotism through song depicting what America means to him. This stellar presentation had me reflect on my own heritage as Uganda celebrates 50 years of Independence this year. Just a few days earlier I was in Canada at the first Ugandan Canadian Business and social convention and watched first hand as Canadians celebrated their Canada day with pride on July 1st in the most livable city of Vancouver, Canada.

Talking of Vancouver the first ever Ugandan Canadian Business and social convention is now recorded into the history books but kudos go out to Ms. Carol Magambo and the entire UCABC board and organizing committee for what was a well organised convention with lots of quality presentations and forums. It was great to see Canadian Ugandans of Asian descent who still consider themselves Ugandans join the party and celebrate their heritage. Also noteworthy was the Uganda government’s commitment to support the Ugandan Diaspora through their trade and investments opportunities.

Ugandan Diaspora News transition is almost complete very soon we shall be re-directing the UNAA Times URL to the new website our thanks to all of you who have voiced support for our new blog. Another change in the offing is that we shall be launching the first full color glossy Ugandan Diaspora Magazine soon. We therefore request all those Ugandans with businesses to promote in North America,  Europe and even Uganda to reach out to us. We would like some input on some great interview subjects and and powerful stories highlighting how Ugandans are living abroad. We shall also cover all facets of life in the Diaspora of all Ugandans and offer inspirational stories to encourage others living abroad to fulfil their dreams. The good news is that the quarterly magazine will have a FREE distribution, made possible by advertising revenue, which will pay for its printing costs.

Finally let us learn to show devotion and patriotism for our nation. There is a reason why Uganda was described as ‘the pearl of Africa’ by Sir Winston Churchill and listening to Dr. Andrew Sseguya the Chief Executive Officer of Uganda Wildlife Authority describe Uganda’s eco tourism potential last month in Vancouver summed it up for me. If I were to ask how many of us Ugandans have ventured to visit a National Park on any of our recent trips to Uganda?

Diaspora Tourism is one way we can grow our economy back home especially if this badly needed foreign exchange is infused into our economy through our cultural connections. We also need to encourage the creation of a web portal dedicated to marketing our tourism potential abroad. Why should Uganda budget a mere $220,000 dollars every financial year to market our tourism sector when more than half of the world’s mountain gorillas  reside in Uganda yet our counter parts in Kenya spend $57 million dollars and Tanzania $8 million to market their sectors abroad.Indeed, Lonely Planet, which puts out a series of guidebooks for travelers, has designated Uganda as its top destination for 2012.  All this happening at a time when tourism has surpassed Diaspora remittances as the number one income earner for the country this year.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy in his inaugural address to the nation in 1961 said  ‘Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.’ My hope is that these thoughts will provoke us into making a difference as Ugandans both at home and abroad!

Happy independence day America.

Managing Editor – Ronnie Mayanja

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