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Greetings Folks,

Hopefully you are managing to stay hydrated if you live in the Northern Hemisphere where the scorching temperatures have been keeping most of us indoors. In Uganda where I am located currently it’s been raining cats and dogs, often from sunrise till late afternoon. Having seen the dry, dusty conditions on my trip a couple of months ago, I am sure that many are welcoming the change in weather. On the other hand, we who endure bitter cold winters will also gladly embrace the summer weather, until of course we start to complain about the scorching heat and humid conditions that have been sweeping across the Northeast lately.

The 2012 Olympics in London are now upon us and what a show those Brits did put up during the opening ceremony!  My country Uganda holds on to that one medal and world record set by John Aki -Bua during the 400M hurdles at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Boxing legend John ‘The Beast” Mugabi won silver at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow as did Davis Kamoga, who came close during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, when he came in second behind Michael Johnson to win another silver during the 400M race. Our chances in London might hang on the long distance runners but poor preparation of our team is going to play a part, since some athletes did not qualify simply because our national stadium at Nambole had been rented out during the Olympic qualifiers and was unavailable to the team.

The other troubling Olympic story has been the empty Ugandan stall in the Olympic village. Enough blame has already gone around but shouldn’t our missions abroad be on top of knowing what international events are in the offing? Trade attachés at our embassies ought to liaise with Uganda Tourism Board [UTB] tasked with selling Uganda’s image abroad and capitalise on marketing us at such international events so situations like the one described below of empty stalls at the London Olympic Village could be avoided next time.

It still amazes me how the Uganda Olympic Committee could send 16 athletes and 18 officials with hefty per diems to the games in London–this according to official records–instead of investing in more athletes that carry the pride of our nation at such gatherings. Uganda has won 6 Olympic medals– 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze. Compare that to Kenya, our neighbor to the east, which has won 23 gold, 28 silver and 24 bronze medals.

I would like to focus my readers on some ideas that I found interesting in Forbes Magazine on the type of people we need to have “in our corner”. Sometimes we give up too easily, and on other occasions we surround ourselves with people who do not believe in whatever we are pursuing, while others simply come to steal your ideas and to reap where they did not sow, therefore be beware and learn to discern friend from foe. I hope that these nuggets will help you reflect and perhaps determine which kind of people you need in your inner circle for success.

And here are the six people you will definitely need in your corner, as explained in the article that appeared in Forbes Magazine:

Nothing incredible is accomplished alone. You need others to help you, and you need to help others. With the right team, you can form a web of connections to make the seemingly impossible practically inevitable.

The Instigator:

Someone who pushes you, who makes you think. Who motivates you to get up and go, and try, and make things happen. You want to keep this person energized, and enthusiastic. This is the voice of inspiration.

The Cheerleader:

This person is a huge fan, a strong supporter, and a rabid evangelist for you and your work. Work to make this person rewarded, to keep them engaged. This is the voice of motivation.

The Doubter:

This is the devil’s advocate, who asks the hard questions and sees problems before they arise. You need this person’s perspective. They are looking out for you, and want you to be as safe as you are successful. This is the voice of reason.

The Taskmaster:

This is the loud and belligerent voice that demands you gets things done. This person is the steward of momentum, making sure deadlines are met and goals are reached. This is the voice of progress.

The Connector:

This person can help you find new avenues and new allies. This person breaks through roadblocks and finds ways to make magic happen. You need this person to reach people and places you can’t. This is the voice of cooperation and community.

The Example:

This is your mentor, your hero, your North Star. This is the person who you seek to emulate. This is your guiding entity, someone whose presence acts as a constant reminder that you, too, can do amazing things. You want to make this person proud. This is the voice of true authority.

To these, let me add my own and say always surround yourself with Men and Women of Vision and Purpose. I will also add that if you are passionate about your dream it will never die–always surround yourself with people who bring VALUE ADDITION to stay the course. If at the beginning of this year you set out to succeed in your business or to re-align your goals in life it’s never too late to start all over again.

“The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.” — John Scully

We are currently preparing our short list of those Ugandans we need to recognise on December 30th at Kampala Serena Hotel during the second annual Uganda Diaspora Social Networking Gala. If you know of any Ugandans making our nation proud, we would like to showcase these Ugandans and pay tribute to them and their contribution during our Diaspora event in December. Please visit the link below to learn more.

Finally, the 24th UNAA Convention will be held on the East Coast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the labor day weekend in what will be a special celebration, as Uganda commemorates her 50th Golden Jubilee. Let’s turn up in large numbers in support of this association that unites us as a people here in North America.

Stay blessed as you enjoy whatever is left of the 2012 summer-time!
Ronnie Mayanja
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