East African Culture: Ethiopian Airlines Hosts a Dinner to Celebrate the Ethiopian New Year and Diverse Cultural Heritage

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On September 28th, Ethiopian Airlines hosted a formal dinner at the Hilton Hotel in Alexandria, VA, to Celebrate the Ethiopian New Year. The atmosphere was cozy and filled with sounds of soothing Ethiopian Music and amicable Amharic chatter as the guests clad in Formal attire mingled, first in the lobby with cocktails and then into the posh Plaza ballroom.

Among the invited guests was a contingent of Members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, who were greeted with respect and accorded the curtsy normally reserved for a pope entourage.

It was quite refreshing to experience the celebration of a culture from East Africa, and listen to the excitement of a people joined in one accord to champion a slice of their history curved out in this City that boasts a large population of Africans living in the Diaspora.

The sounds and scents of Ethiopian Culture wafted through the Air conditioned lobby, and you could tell from the smiles and laughter in the hallways that the guests were definitely feeling at home.

The Mayor of Alexandria City was invited to open the event, and he warmly welcomed the Ethiopian community, thanking them for their contribution to the area. He however had to leave because he was scheduled to attend a number of other events in Alexandria.

He was followed by the Ethiopian Airlines Team, which presented awards to the well performing Travel Agencies affiliated with the Airlines.

The host then invited the guests to enjoy their dinner while a  video montage of the long and rich History of Ethiopia and it’s memorable resistance to Colonization was shown on the overhead projector, followed by a montage of the path to longevity and innovation by the Ethiopian airlines, as one of the fastest growing Airlines in Africa.

Ethiopian Airlines is indeed taking the mantle of rapid growth and innovation among African Airlines. They recently launched the first Dream liner Plane in Africa, and are expanding their fleet to cover even more cities in the whole of Africa, flying millions of  travelers to destinations around the world.

Below are some Photo highlights from the well attended dinner. Thanks to Ethiopian Airlines Management for extending an invitation to the Ugandan Diaspora News team to share in this joyous celebration of the Ethiopian New Year.

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