Retired Major General Mugisha Muntu has Clinched The FDC Presidency Defeating Nandala Mafabi In A Hotly Contested Race

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A look inside the Man — Mugisha Muntu Gregory Oyera was born in October 1958 at Kitunga village in present day Ntungamo District to the late Enock Ruzima Muntuyera and Aida Matama Muntuyera. He had his early education at Mbarara Junior School and Kitunga Primary School. He completed his O-Level at Kitunga High School which was later renamed Muntuyera High School, in memory of his father . Muntu later attended Makerere College School for his A-level and joined Makerere University where he graduated with an honors degree in Political Science. While at Makerere University, Muntu’s desire for service inspired him to actively participate in guild politics and was honoured to serve as Vice President of the Makerere Students’ Guild in the government of now Prof. Werikhe Watuwa.

Muntu is a family man and happily married to Julia Muntu with 2 children. Three days after completing his degree at Makerere, Muntu left all the luxuries at his disposal to join the National Resistance Army to the surprise of his family and the party that his father fervently worked for. Early into the rebellion he was shot and severely wounded in the chest and leg. He was brought to Kampala for treatment and many thought he would not return to the ranks of the NRA in the jungles of Luweero. To the surprise of many, he returned to the bush.

Muntu underwent further military training in Russia and thereafter became a Division Commander in northern Uganda. Due to his exemplary leadership qualities, he was promoted to the rank of Major General and appointed Army Commander in 1989, a post he held until 1998 making him the longest serving Army Commander in the history of Uganda. As army chief, he oversaw the professionalization and institutionalization of the national army. He is credited for instilling discipline in the army and also gained repute as an incorruptible, even-handed and firm military leader.

At the end of his service as Army Commander, he chose not to take up a ministerial position he had been offered by President Museveni.
In addition to his military experience, Muntu has also been active for a longtime in Uganda’s politics. He served as a Member of the East African Legislative Assembly. Earlier on, he had also served as a member of the 6th Parliament, the Constituent Assembly and the National Resistance Council. Within the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), he has been Secretary for Mobilization since 2005 and has together with the entire leadership and membership of the party worked tirelessly to establish a functional grass root party structure.

His impeccable integrity and demonstrated experience in public affairs have equipped him with the capacity to exercise effectively the duties of the high office of President of the Republic of Uganda. Ladies and gentlemen, join me in welcoming the FDC PRESIDENT ELECT.


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    It’s a new day, a new light! The entire nation must get behind this incredible gentleman is his quest to redirect our beautiful nation and put it on the right path.
    Congratulations Mughisha Muntu! Well deserved!

    Power to the people!!


    may God bless him, at last Uganda is getting leaders who have gone through scrutiny!


    I don’t think the second last paragraph has any truth in it, coz this has been one of the internal weakness within fdc that gave NRM a fertile ground to rig elections in most parts of the country.

    I think Muntu needs more of Nandala approach if he is to effectively mobilize grassroots support for the party b4 2016. We need to understand that the political mass at the grassroots is the one capable of uprooting any regime but not delegates at nambole stadium.
    Remember the margin he worn with is just a signal of how limited his mobilization skills are, having been around for sometime.

    Also being a Christian he need shun corrupt elements around himself, instead he should rebuke them openly in right fora much as they supported him in campaigns.

    Quit a bitter advice but let’s take it for the sake of our party and beloved Uganda if we are true change agents. God bless Uganda!!!


    mugisha muntu is the right person we rely need for a clean Uganda. all my hopes in him congs Mr president .

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