Missing Person Alert | Help Wanted In Relocating A Lost Ugandan Last Seen In Boston – 1998

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Dear Readers,

This is sad story of a missing Ugandan Edward Wasswa Mpanga last seen in Boston mid June 1998. He is the twin brother to Kato Mpanga of the UK. If you happened to be living in the Boston area in 1988, Know someone who was or did at any one time meet up this Eward Senoga Mpanga kindly contact the twin brother using the contact info below. Here is a brief background and some history data about Mr. Wasswa Mpanga pictured above.

D.O.B – 30 November 1962


Mengo Primary School – 1972 – 1975
Namasagali College – 1976 – 1982
Makerere University – 1982 – 1985


Teacher and newspaper columnist – 1986 – 1988
Arrived in the US Nov/Dec 1988.

Physical appearance

5ft ’10.
60-70kg in weight
Used to wear glasses, when see in 1988 he wasn’t wearing them.
Grew dreadlocks and a beard

Last known address in Massachusetts

28 Gaudette Ave
Brockton, Mass,
02401 USA

Last sighting

Woods Mullen Shelter near Boston Medical Center and the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) 784 Rear Massachusetts Av. Boston MA 02118

According some individuals who recognized this picture – a shelter supervisor, Mr. Otis Matthews and a police officer named Loletha Smith who cover shelters, Wasswa started using this shelter (and another at nearby Pine Inn St) in the early 1990s. However when contacted in late November and early December 2012, they both claimed to have not seen him in a long time.

On November 29 2012, another police officer at the police station on Harrison Ave run a search on Wasswa on their database but found no record against him. Wasswa was known to adopt new names, something he was regularly warned against by those who knew him at different shelters, it is possible any public record held on him could be under different alias names.

Wasswa was always a private person, cut himself off very early on after reaching the US, so the family has very little useful information to help track him. The family was advised by a senior shelter employee to register Wasswa as a missing person.

Anyone with some useful information on how Mr. Wasswa Mpanga can be relocated please contact  Mr. Kato Mpanga pictured above,

Mr. Kato Mpanga
Phone: +44 79514 98230

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    Sad story Indeed!

    Joe Kay Mera

    Very sad story even by just reading however mr Kato I would encourage you to post your current or most recent picture so we can know how your brother( Wasswa) may look like could be very helpful if you are identical twins


    Also you could start a Facebook page and use social media with said pictures and as much info and pass around. Or publish missing person appeals in various publications in Boston etc…


    Hello Bro

    It was a very sad story indeed.

    How did this end

    God bless

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