Ttabamiruka Kampala Day One Photo Highlights – Conference Ended With Kabaka’s Call For Federal

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The Buganda Conference dubbed (Ttabamiruka 2012) was held at Hotel Africana with a theme “Promoting Investment in Buganda and Uganda; Opportunities and Challenges”. Compared to the previous conferences this year the conference addressed the vast natural wealth across the Kingdom and examined the opportunities for local and international investment.

In a message read by Prince Kassim Nakibenge Kakungulu during the Buganda Conference at Hotel Africana, Kampala, The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, repeated his call for federalism to Buganda and other kingdoms requesting for the same system of governance.

The Kabaka also called upon the Central Government to return the kingdom land as an indicator that Ugandans are truly independent. The kingdom boycotted the October celebrations of Uganda’s golden jubilee and instead lamented over what they called colonialism by fellow Ugandans. In his end-of-year message, the Kabaka encouraged the people to work hard and fight poverty.

On talks between the kingdom and the Central Government, John Baptist Walusimbi, the Katikkiro, said he could not go for fresh talks before what had been agreed upon in the previous talks is implemented. “Some of our demands had been already resolved. Only three things were not agreed upon; the 9000 square miles of land, the 1500 miles of forests and federo,” he noted.

“There are many nations which got independence at the same time as Uganda, which are among the first world countries, but Uganda despite the abundant natural resources and highly educated people is still in the third world. The current system of government has failed us. We shall develop very first if each native community is given federal autonomy,” the Kabaka said.

Apollo Makubuya, the chairman of the organizing committee stated, “We hope that the conference will help in mobilizing the people of Buganda to raise resources from within and without and to channel these in ventures like real estate development; education and health facilities as well as the development of cultural and other sites for tourism.”

“Promotion of Investment and Entrepreneurial Skills among the Youth in Buganda,” was part of the main theme in a presentation by Charles Peter Mayiga, the Mengo minister for Information and cabinet affairs and the former minister for youth.

Makubuya who is also the Kingdom’s Attorney general said that the youth conference aimed at encouraging the youth to be self-sufficient and jointly pursue future kingdom concerns and aspirations.” He noted that this year’s theme not only builds on last year’s theme on poverty but aims to move the Kingdom to the next stage of discussing business and investment opportunities “all around us to push Buganda’s agenda forward.”

Makubuya explained that for many years the Kingdom has focused on pressing political and governance issues. “Its quest for federalism has been informed, in part, on the desire of the Kingdom to take charge of its resources and to freely determine its priorities for development. “That struggle continues.”

Exhibitors included Forex Bureaus, Buganda Land Board (BLB) Roofings, Vero natural mineral water, banking institutions, Jubilee Insurance, Dybapharm, Quality Chemicals among others.  Ttabamiruka- Kampala started with only 600 participants and has grown to 1,300 last year and a bigger number is expected this time.

Other speakers included The Vice President of Uganda H.E. Hon. Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi who spoke of the readiness of the central government to talk with Mengo. Other speakers included Israel Mayengo who also presented some chronological historical facts about Buganda’s politics and those who pledged to return Federo and never delivered. This particular presentation was followed by a heated Q&A session.

Part of this article was adapted from the New Vision but all photos in the gallery below were taken by Ronnie Mayanja on Day One of the Conference.

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