St. Peters Anglican Church of Uganda Boston Hosts The Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts – Thomas Shaw 03/03/2013

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St. Peters Anglican Church of Uganda community in Boston hosted Bishop Thomas Shaw the Episcopal Bishop of the State of Massachusetts on Sunday March 3rd 2013 at their Waltham Parish. In his sermon Bishop Shaw’s message concentrated on encouraging the Children to develop a servant heart at an early age. To the Ugandan Community he applauded the congregation for their spirit of fellowship and unity.  Bishop Shaw was consecrated a bishop in September 1994 and became the 15th bishop of Massachusetts in January 1995. A life-professed member of the Society of St. John the Evangelist, a religious order of priests and lay brothers in the Episcopal Church, he is in demand nationwide as a preacher and retreat leader. His writings include the 2008 book, Conversations with Scripture and With Each Other.

Bishop Shaw co-chairs the Episcopal Church’s Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop and serves on the Episcopal Church’s Disciplinary Board for Bishops. He is a former chair of the Episcopal Church’s Standing Commission on National and International Concerns and has served on the Advisory Council for the Anglican Observer to the United Nations. A native of Battle Creek, Michigan., he was ordained to the priesthood in 1971 and served parishes in Northamptonshire, England, and Milwaukee before entering the Society of St. John the Evangelist in 1975.

Recognizing that the current generation of young adults is more inclined to seek out faith connections through engagement with their peers than through institutions, Bishop Shaw in 2008 fostered initiation of a young adult intern ministry in the Diocese of Massachusetts. The Life Together program deploys young adult interns trained in community organizing to serve in churches and mission-based nonprofit organizations.

In 2011 Bishop Shaw publicly launched a $20-million comprehensive fundraising campaign that is nearing its successful completion. The Together Now campaign will fund global mission projects; environmental stewardship through “green” grants and loans; new regional “mission hubs” and a mission institute (the latter a collaboration between Episcopal City Mission and Episcopal Divinity School); ongoing and expanded ministry programs with children, youth and young adults; and renovations to the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Boston to make it more accessible, more energy efficient and better configured to both host and model innovative worship, ministry and public witness.

Ugandan Diaspora News now brings you some of the highlights in pictures from the 3/3/2013 Church Service.  To learn more about St. Peters Church of Uganda Boston visit the link below.

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    Rev. Jessica Nakawombe

    Good progress for St. Peter’s Church. Good progress for the Diocese of Massachusetts too. I remember Bishop Shaw very well. He was my Bishop for three years. I enjoyed the Diocese and its varied resources, human, financial and educational. I still remember St. John’s Order too which I think was a sort of Monastery by the Charles River. Would pass by on my daily walks. Had services there too. As well as St. John’s Chapel at the Episcopal Divinity School and its Morning and Evening Services. It was such a great preparation for me in my ministry that has turned out to be very Missional and non traditional for we serve the God who is neither traditional nor modern. But a Living God who speaks to his people in the current and present times of their generation. That does not mean to throw out our traditions of past generations that kept them going. We just have to pick those that bring life to us not those that suck it out. For the present is always a bridge of the past to the present.

    Thanks Mr. Ronnie Mayanja for keeping us abreast of such wonderful news.

    It was my fervent prayer to have the unchurched Ugandan people who could not attend any other Service that did not represent or identify what they knew get a place of worship, a Church they could embrace God within their culture. I am glad to see that it has come to pass. For God has wisely established us in our own cultures to thrive, get to know Him and embrace Him and our people. There is a void in everyone of us that is only filled by culture and language. A people who were hungry and thirsty for God.

    You can identify with the Israelites when they cried out to God in Psalm 126; By the rivers of Babylon, where we sat down. There we were when we remembered Zion. When the wicked carried us away in captivity and required us to sing our song. But how can we sing the LORD’s song in a strange land! Some versions say Foreign land.

    Being in the diaspora does not mean to lose our ties to what we know and wholesomely embrace the new. That is social suicide, psychological suicide, financial suicide, emotional suicide, and eventually spiritual suicide!

    God has spoken through the prophets in years past and he is still speaking today through various means a different people.

    I know some people who bore the same burden, and I know there are others I will never know who made St Peter’s Church of Uganda, Boston, happen.
    All in all, To God be the glory great things He has done……

    I am also happy to see the young children.

    The challenge I leave to you in the diaspora, are you encouraging young people to enter the ordained ministry? or even older people? Are you encouraging women and supporting them to enter the ordained ministry? Are you supporting those you have? Will you commit to support those who get ordained?
    Support is not only financial but in many other ways too.

    May the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. Amen.

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