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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today was the one year anniversary of our Kony2012 launch. The film reached 100 million views in 6 days, but more importantly the campaign was a catalyst for major international action that has resulted in measurable progress in reducing LRA violence. In 2012, killings by the LRA decreased 66.8% from 2011 and decreased 92.8% since 2010.

Last year we got more LRA defections (voluntary surrender) than the previous three years combined. Two of the top five commanders have been removed from the battlefield. Communities are being protected and DRC’s first LRA-focused rehabilitation center is now operating at full capacity.

But, the ultimate goal of our organization is the permanent end of LRA violence and the arrest of Joseph Kony. That did not happen this year, but we are closer than ever… and you know that we are not stopping.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement to me personally and to our organization through this difficult and transformative year. I am honored to be on this journey to make the world a more peaceful and just place alongside every one of you.

The source for the LRA stats above is the 2012 LRA Crisis Tracker Annual Security Brief. If you want to help answer the question, “One year later, what did Kony 2012 do?” help us by sharing this link through your social channels.

Ben Keesey


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