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BATABAZI, a US Based Rap Group has released a Brand New Music video entitled “Showdown” ~ This is a track from the Debut album “The Beginning” ~ The cinematography looks great and the direction was well done. The two main stay voices of Jerome and PG, are missing in this video, but you can tell that there is definitely more in store from where this came from.

The sound Track can be downloaded at:

BATABAZI started making music in 2007. They are based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The name was chosen because the members wanted something to symbolize who they are as individuals. The word “Batabazi” is derived from a Luganda phrase “okutabaala” which means to wander or move from place to place. Batabazi’s roots are hip hop but are very versatile given the dynamics of the group and have recently done music in R&B, Reggae and Afro-Beats.

The group is comprised of five individuals. They are PG (Mpagi Kironde), Jerome Black (Jerome Jjooga), Tasha (Roseann Kawesa), Gera (Gera Kiwanuka) and Mayor (Anthony Bbosa Balagadde). PG & Jerome Black are two of the founding members of the group, which started as an underground rap group. PG raps in English, Luganda and occasionally does Patwah, Jerome is a lugaflow specialist, rapping mainly in Luganda. Tasha, Gera & Mayor joined Batabazi a little later. Tasha and Gera are primarily singers and occasionally will rap. Mayor is the group’s producer. He has a rich musical background in piano and traditional instruments, and in the past has had the opportunity to perform at the very prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York, one of the most famous venues in the United States for classical and popular music.

The group certainly lives up to their name, “Batabazi” as they have wandered around in life and the world to get to where they currently are as a group.

PG was born and raised in Uganda. Growing up he was nick-named Bow Wow as he was always rapping. In 2003, after his S2 at Makerere College School he moved to the UK and later to the USA where he is currently pursuing a Music degree.

Jerome was born in Mombasa, Kenya and raised in Uganda. While in high school he started rapping in Luganda. He was also a good basketball player; it was through his basketball skills that he found his way to the USA in 2001.

Tasha was born and raised in Uganda. As a child she always loved to sing. In 2003 after high school at Vienna College, she moved to the USA where she is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Gera was born in the USA and was raised in Uganda. Because of her parents’ careers she was always on the move. In 2006 after her S5 in Gayaza High School, she moved back to the USA to pursue a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Mayor was born and raised in Uganda. While at Makerere College School, he was a very active member of the Music Club. He is a trained musician and a talented pianist who plays by ear and used to sing in a choir. He moved to the USA from Makerere College School in 2006. All five members have several things in common but more importantly their love for music is evident in everything that they do.

Batabazi is currently working on their first album; however in 2009 they released a mix tape that was 20 tracks deep. The mix tape included their hit tracks “Turn it Up”, “Uganda Nka” and “Binsobedde” a song they did with Chagga. They have recently done collaborations with Chagga, Peter Miles, Blu3, Ragga Dee, Vamposs, Navio and Raba Daba. “Cheater” is a hit song they did with Peter Miles. Another of their recently released songs is Dirty Shame (feat Jackie of Blu3), a song that made its debut on Sanyu FM’s East African Countdown and peaked at Number 1 in February 2010. Other recently released songs are the club bangers Buuka and Tukomyewo. They have also remixed their hit anthem “Uganda Nka” that includes Ugandan artists Navio, Raba Daba and Ragga Dee.

Batabazi has performed on stages around the USA. They have also performed in Uganda alongside top East African artists. Their fan base is growing in East Africa and in the USA and a bright future is certainly in the cards for this very young and talented group.

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