Goodlyfe’s Radio & Weasel In A Sold Out ‘Obudde’ Album Launch At Hotel Africana

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Ugandan Diaspora Dispatch — In what was a totally sold out Africana show the long awaited Radio and Weasel Obudde Album lived up to the hype and publicity thanks in part to promoter Kibo Media and the sponsors. Judging from the artists line up before the main headliners of the evening this was confirmation one needed that this was to be Radio and Weasel’s come back.

The show was under way by 9pm with some of Kampala’s leading artists that included GNL, Mun G, Ragga Dee, Cindy, Lillian, Haruna Mubiru, Pastor Bugembe, Chris Evans, Navio, Amani from Kenya, Desire Luzinda, Washington, Vamposs and many others. Many of these artists came in support of Uganda’s leading dynamic duo who are taking on the continent of Africa by storm with their musical genius!

Iryn Namubiru a diva in her on right and one of the artists featured in radio commercials promoting the album launch was AWOL having gotten arrested at Tokyo International Airport under unclear circumstances. See story below

Some of Kampala’s leading entertainment Mcees and comedians were on hand to also spice up the evening. Mc Kats, Salvador, Muhangi, Afande Kerekere did their part to engage the audience which kept attentive even when intermittent video interludes came on with sponsor messages.

Equally noteworthy was the stage build up by Silk Events, that also included provisions for Live musical Instruments and a band that was led by Michael Ouma. The lighting and sound system were quite powerful apart from the microphones that kept feeding back in the monitors during the main performance perhaps a sign that more time is required for sound check during live performances. Overall silk events did not disappoint as usual!

Radio and Weasel took to the stage at about 11pm with a grand entry wearing some prop armor jumpsuites similar to those seen in Star War movies. Weasel also wore a clock similar to the one Flavor Flav an American television personality adorns around his neck perhaps as a sign to remind the audience that it what about time for the ‘Obudde’ launch!

They then started off performing some of their old time classics as many of the revelers joined in the choruses. However it was during the second part of the show were riding on motorbikes on stage  that they went into their new songs that included Fantastic, Ba Customer, Take Me Home, Magnetic and their title track Obudde.

Friday May 10th at Hotel Africana will therefore go down as the day East Africa’s biggest duo and now Uganda’s ambassadors to Africa Mowzey and Weasel made their statement and proved to their competition that yes goodlyfe is here to stay. The duo’s music videos have also made it to number one on MTV base, Channel O and Trace the biggest cable video channels on the continent of Africa.

Ugandan Diaspora News was at the Obudde Album launch and now brings you some of the kodak moments from Hotel Africana! All photos appear courtesy of Ronnie Mayanja.

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