Owekiitibwa Charles Peter Mayiga Appointed Buganda Kingdom Katikkiro

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The Weekly Observer — Buganda Kingdom Spokesman Charles Peter Mayiga has replaced John Baptist Walusimbi as Katikkiro (prime minister) of  Buganda, palace officials have said.

It is understood that Walusimbi’s tenure was extended early last year to allow Kabaka Ronald Mutebi time to find a successor. Walusimbi had bid farewell to the Lukiiko in 2011, but was compelled to stay on until the Kabaka found a successor. However, other palace sources have told us that apart from Mayiga, the kingdom’s Attorney General Apollo Makubuya is also thought to have been considered for the position.

Sources said Katikkiro Walusimbi has also been occasionally involved in meetings with the Kabaka to discuss possible candidates for his job.

“After the Kabaka extended his term of office [in January 2012], he asked to be retired in December, but there were projects that he had embarked on, like the reconstruction of Kasubi Royal tombs, for which he was asked to stay around for two more months,” the Kabaka’s Press Secretary, Dick Kasolo, told The Observer denying press reports that Walusimbi had fallen out with his master. Reports spoke of strained relations, after Walusimbi reportedly met with the Ssabanyala, leader of an estranged sub-tribe of Buganda.

The kingdom’s minister in charge of the Kabaka’s travels, Kabuuza Mukasa, told us that the Ssabanyala and Ssabaluuli meeting is “a small” issue that he doubts could strain the Kabaka’s relations with Walusimbi. The meeting, which we have learnt took place sometime last year, had raised some eyebrows at Mengo, since Buganda doesn’t recognize the two cultural heads, seen as a creation by the regime to undermine Mengo’s influence in Bugerere and Buruuli counties.

Although President Museveni has pushed for Mengo’s recognition of the two, the kingdom has stood its ground, and maintained its chiefs in the two counties. In one of his frantic moves to have Mengo recognize both the Ssabanyala and Ssabaluuli, we have learnt, Museveni invited them to State House Entebbe and later hosted Walusimbi to the same meeting without prior notice that they would also be there.

Some kingdom officials had been furious about the meeting, arguing that the Katikkiro had betrayed the kingdom by sitting in a meeting with its enemies without first notifying the Kabaka. Both Walusimbi and Mayiga are yet to comment on the developments.

“The issue of the Katikkiro is in the office of the Kabaka for which I can’t speak,” Mayiga said.

Challenging tenure
Walusimbi’s tenure as Katikkiro started on January 1, 2008 and has endured its fair share of challenges and triumphs. Seven months into the job, three kingdom officials including Information Minister Mayiga, his deputy Medard Lubega Sseggona and Betty Nambooze Bakireke were arrested over their alleged link with armed groups and attempting to acquire guns.

Two months later, in October 2008, the Kabaka was blocked from accessing Nakasongola district (Buruuli county) headquarters, the venue for the kingdom’s annual Bulungi Bwansi celebrations. These events later exploded into mass protests across the kingdom in September 2009, when the Kabaka was blocked from travelling to Bugerere county (Kayunga district) where he was scheduled to preside over the Buganda Youth day celebrations.

At the time the central government argued that the trip had not been approved by a section of Banyala, who recognized Kimeze as their cultural leader. Subsequently, the kingdom’s Central Broadcasting Services (CBS FM) radio was taken off air with the Broadcasting Council accusing it of inciting the public to protest.
The following year in March 2010, the Kasubi royal tombs, a World heritage site, were torched, further deepening the rift between the kingdom and the central government.

Walusimbi has also been treated to internal challenges, owing to his emphasis on accountability by kingdom officials. He, however, is credited for his Omumuli initiative, a project that seeks to improve household incomes through agriculture. He is also credited with designing projects meant to improve the kingdom’s revenue base, such as Muganzirwazza Commercial plaza at Katwe and the newly launched K2 telecom.


As the Baganda eagerly await official mentioning of the new Katikkiro, we have the pleasure to safely and exclusively break the anxiety by announcing that Information Minister, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga has taken the office, unless HRM Ronald Muwenda Mutebi changes his mind tonight.

From the time Eng. JB Walusimbi’s term of office expired, we were informed by reliable Mengo sources that Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has been at pain, torn between finding a soft personality towards the central government and or a hotheaded one that would widen further, the rift between his kingdom and the Country’s power that be.

We can now exclusively report that the Kabaka, in a tight consultation with the Elders (Abataka), settled for a fair compromise, yet to be named Premier in the name of Mayiga. Sources privy to the Banda Palace meeting that took hours earlier today, President Museveni has never complained about the word-picky Mayiga, even when he held the platform wide enough to annoy the First Person.

Though he is rumored to be a DP leaning persona, the powerful Buganda Information Minister nevr used his office to play partisan politics, not even after he was arrested and forced to ‘tour’ the entire country in confinement. “He never went on record to give Mengo’s position, capable of backfiring, on any controversial issues.

Info extracted from highly placed sources from Kabaka’s Banda Palace, where Ssaabasajja and Buganda Bataka retired earlier in the day to debate and make the big decision, indicated that Mayiga had beaten off competition from his learned friend and powerful Attorney Makubuya, to land the coveted seat. Not because Makubuya is incapable but because of certain issues, seniority inclusive.

“The search for the next Katikkiro is over. Mayiga has won. Ssabasajja is expected to announce him as the new Katikkiro on Monday,” Banda Palace impeccable sources confided in us.

Mayiga the man

He is a personal friend and loyal servant of the Kabaka. He holds the influential and weighty position of the Secretary to Lukiiko, an equivalent of the Central government‘s Secretary to the Cabinet. He is Mengo’s Information Minister which has given him an edge since his position has afforded him chance to popularize himself among Baganda.

Being the Kingdom’s chief mouthpiece who has been at the forefront of defending and communicating Buganda’s interests and aspirations, coupled with his popular ‘Agafa E Mengo’ program on Central Broadcasting Services (CBS FM) which is a one man-show piece, he pulls a clout amongst Kabaka’s subjects.

That President Museveni has not been heard complaining about him, despite being Mengo’s top publicist, was another big plus for Mayiga. It means that Mayiga was the perfect candidate for the job, given his indirect confrontation persona.

Mayiga is one of the established witty and loaded city lawyers with Buwule, Mayiga and Company advocates. He studied at the prestigious Kings College Buddo, whose Old Boys and Girls are held in high esteem, being a school that was originally built for Buganda Royals.

He is a Catholic and a practicing one at that, meaning he had the larger Catholic support as well as a beneficiary of the balancing act where the Kabaka would want to appease his Catholic subjects by appointing their own to the big post.

Mayiga is also a moderate to an extent. Though his position as Information Minister had meant that he had at times to take radical positions as instructed by the bigger Lukiiko, he always kept his head in the fridge. And above all, Mayiga is a ‘young man,’ fitting Kabaka Mutebi’s favorite, given his favorite catch phrase of; “Omulembe Omutebi Gw’abavubuka.” Unlike Makubuya he has been at Mengo for a very long time therefore seniority came in handy.

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    Kyagulanyi Alex

    I really have infinite mounts of happiness, due to the simultaneous appointment of Owek. CHARLES PETER MAYIGA(PRIME MINISTER) and MY old school(MUMSA HIGH SCHOOL) Head teacher Mr.kawuki JOSEPH(MINISTER). CONGRATULATION TO YOU.

    Fred MUSOKE

    Point of correction, Owekitibwa Mayiga went to St Henry’s College Kitovu and St Mary’s Kisubi.

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