The New Buganda Katikiro Peter Mayiga Receives [Ddamula] the Symbol of Buganda Power Outside The King’s Palace

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The new Katikkiro or Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga officially received the Ddamula or mace, the symbol of authority at Mengo. The palace of King Ronald Muwenda Mutebi at Mengo in Kampala was a beehive of activity as hundreds of Baganda loyalists turned out to witness the historic occasion, symbolizing transition from the previous Katikkiro – JB Walusimbi to Peter Mayiga.

The handover of the Ddamula or Mace was presided over by Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi at his palace gate or Lubiri main gate in Mengo, a Kampala suburb. In Buganda culture, the Kabaka hands over the mace to the new Buganda premier commonly referred to as Katikkiro from the palace main gate known as Wankaaki in Luganda. Hundreds of people thronged the venue to witness the cultural ceremony.

The Kabaka was accompanied to the event by his wife, Her Royal Highness the Nabagereka Lady Sylvia Nagginda Luswata. The new Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga received the instrument of power commonly known as Ddamula from the Kabaka. It was all jubilation on Lubiri hill as Mayiga, a prominent Kampala lawyer officially replaced John Baptist Walusimbi as Katikkiro. The Kabaka called out the new Katikkiro’s name twice as culture dictates, to give him the mace.

After receiving the Ddamula, Mayiga moved away and held it firm because other clans symbolically position their clansmen to grab the symbol of power.

The clan that manages to snatch the Ddamula from the holder will take the Katikkiro position. Mayiga’s Mutima clansmen guarded him and the mace to ensure it’s not grabbed from as he headed to the Premier’s house or Butikiro. The building currently houses the government’s Joint Clinical Research Centre (JCRC).

It was a struggle as Mayiga moved to the Butikkiro located opposite the main gate of the Mengo palace. After successfully securing the Ddamula, new Katikkiro Mayiga addressed the people from the Butikkiro. He promised to ensure that Buganda Kingdom is built from the grassroots and asked for the cooperation of the Kabaka’s subjects.

Source — NBS News.

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