10 African Blogs You Should Be Reading

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As the African blogosphere has continued to rise in prominence, there is a cohort of blogs that continue to provide insightful and timely commentary on African affairs. With a Pan African outlook, these blogs provide informed commentary on various spheres of African life ranging from business to politics and with a refreshing Afropolitan angle that speaks to the continent’s young and upwardly mobile digital natives.

From the Financial Times’ “This is Africa” to Emeka Okafor’s “Africa Unchained,” here are a list of 10 African blogs you should be reading.

How we made it in Africa

Founded by Jaco Maritz, How we made it in Africa is the definitive guide for doing business in Africa, featuring interviews and features with entrepreneurs and business executives across the continent. The website showcases individuals who are in a sense “making it in Africa” in diverse areas ranging from agriculture to finance.

This is Africa

Owned by the Financial Times, This is Africa provides a global perspective on African business and politics. Featuring high level interviews and analysis on African affairs, This is Africa provides investors and entrepreneurs with informed commentary on various African sectors backed by the Financial Times’ resources and world class reporting standards.


Memeburn provides tech savvy insights and analysis on technology in South Africa/emerging markets. With a team of smart editors, writers and analysts, Memeburn provides timely commentary on tech trends, news, industry happenings and interviews with technology leaders.

Think Africa Press

Think Africa Press offers commentary and in-depth analysis from leading African and international thinkers. Founded by James Schneider, it features articles from experts covering African history, politics, societal, gender, health, agricultural and environmental issues.

Africa is a Country

Africa is a country offers an alternative view on Africa that in its words “is not about famine, Bono, or Barack Obama.” It features a number of guest contributors that write features on a wide variety of area designed to challenge mainstream thinking about various spheres of African life.

See Africa Differently

See Africa Differently offers positive reporting of Africa designed to offer readers a different perspective of Africa than the negative view which has been traditionally covered in the mainstream international media. It provides a more diverse and in its words “exciting’ view of the continent, showcasing news, videos and personal stories from the world’s second largest continent.

Ventures Africa

Ventures Africa champions African capitalism by celebrating African success, free enterprise, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the rewards of hard work. Founded by Chi Chi Okonjo and Uzodinma Iweala, the website aims to provide African entrepreneurs and business leaders with the information tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing and volatile environment.

Africa Unchained

Africa Unchained provides a platform for analysing and contributing to the issues and solutions raised by George Ayittey’s book ‘Africa Unchained’. Curated by Emeka Okafor, the blog provides a consistent stream of articles focusing on contemporary African issues, debates and solutions. provides a comprehensive online destination for “everything Africa” ranging from travel to finance. Founded by former Goldman Sachs Managing Director, Teresa Clarke, it aims to change the way the world engages online with Africa and to be the platform for those changes.

Timbuktu Chronicles

Curated by Emeka Okafor of Africa Unchained, Timbuktu Chronicles provides a view of Africa and Africans with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, practical remedies and other self-sustaining activities. The blog has maintained a loyal following over the years for its consistent chronicling of innovative solutions on the continent.

Nmachi Jidenma writes on technology and entrepreneurship. She is Founder of Celebrating Progress Africa , a website that chronicles Africa’s technology and economic progress.

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