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Press Release — Many Ugandans living in the Diaspora continuously seek ways of safely operating financial accounts back home in Uganda during their stay abroad. Having considered the increasing need for Diaspora banking, Post Bank Uganda implemented the Diaspora Account department and is competitively at the forefront of supporting the attainment of financial and social goals for Ugandans living in the Diaspora.

PostBank Uganda Ltd, with a history of operational excellence was born out of restructuring of the Uganda Posts and Telecommunications under the Communications Act of 1997. The bank has grown its number of loyal customers fully supported by a total of 32 regional branches national wide thus availing financial service solutions to the mass market over the 52 districts in Uganda.

Incorporated in February 1998 as a limited liability Company wholly owned by the Government of Uganda, PostBank Uganda Ltd is governed by The Ministry of Finance. The management team, fully vetted by The Central Bank of Uganda as per The Financial Institutions Act 2004, is led by the Managing Director – Mr. Stephen Mukweli and Two (02) Executive Directors to reinforce the principle of dual control.

PostBank Uganda offers a wide portfolio of products and services across savings, loans, money transfers and accounts. Through our differentiated e-banking, we have implemented a program to strengthen the financial service(s) offered to Ugandans living in the Diaspora with the Diaspora Classic Account as we believe that many Ugandans living in the Diaspora have investments, social developments and various viable projects running in Uganda that require easy and timely access to financial services during their visits to or stay in Uganda.

Through the e-banking system, Ugandans living in the Diaspora will be able to send money to accounts within Post Bank to support settlement of financial commitments/plans and investments through convenient, safe and fast media, with convenient 24/7 banking support.

PostBank Uganda has a dedicated customer service department under Summit Banking to carter for Diaspora customers. Customers can open a Diaspora Classic account which they can access any time online and transact from any of our branches countrywide once they visit/return to Uganda, or accessible to legally authorized beneficiaries as advised by our Diaspora customers.

A special delegation from PostBank Uganda, led by the Chairperson Board Ms Grace Bakunda will be attending the Uganda Diaspora Business and Investors Expo – Boston 2013 and will be sharing more information on the procedure(s) of opening the Diaspora classic account(s) and the benefits to Ugandans living in the Diaspora.

If you would like more information about Diaspora Banking services at PostBank Uganda, or schedule a telephone interview with our dedicated Diaspora banking team, please contact:

Florence; +256712867974/+256783377999 or email /
Augustine; +256702445442/+256772445422 or email

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    Kyolaba mariam

    I am mariam,i opened a diaspora account and was told that I will get my account number via email but haven’t received it yet.
    I already traveled and need to use my account.
    I have sent several emails to”Florence Nsenga”or the shown addresses but never replied.

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