Art Exhibition | Birth of The World Without Borders | Venue Uganda House London, 12th July – 9 th August

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A new exhibition by Lucy Namayanja — Uganda House, 58/59 Trafalgar Square London WC2N 5DX
A collection of diverse contemporary art works by exciting young London based Ugandan artist Lucy Namayanja featuring “The Artist Within” and a variety of other works.The images may be seen as diverse, strange, beautiful, clinical but in many ways familiar. Lucy Namayanja sets out to show how narratives shaped and conditioned bythe tendency of society and institutions to simplify the outlines of stories provide simplistic collusion that resolve with satisfying neatness.

Lucy Namayanja says: “My role as the artist is not to offer classically perfect or abstractly beautiful compositions but to try and release the imaginations of others by my images free from any influences that adulthood can impose in order to draw attention to underlying ideological and cultural assumption.

Some of the images seen in this exhibition have been created by the photography of and subsequent digital manipulation of self made sculptures that can also be seen in
this exhibition. Lucy Namayanja was born in Uganda during the post Idi Amin turmoil and the second coming of the previously deposed president Obote, a time when more lives were lost than during Amin’s rule because of the many opposition challenges from supporters of Amin and paranoia of reprisals. Thousands of civilians were killed
including Lucy’s father, once a provider of a good living, large home and stable family. Forced to live in poverty and sustaining many beatings by rebel soldiers Lucy’s widowed mother did her best for Lucy and her family.

Growing up in such an unstable environment may well have inadvertently been the catalyst for Lucy’s artistic beginnings. She used art as a medium to free her mind from the repressive society by studying interior design from the few magazines available, arranging interiors and re working clothing educational opportunities were few but she managed to complete her A-levels and obtain a job in recruiting which involved traveling to East and West Africa, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and finally settling in London. Lucy managed to obtain a place at Cavendish College studying Architecture and interior design. It was during this time she discovered that she was dyslexic, which she regards now as an aid to her creativity.

Since graduating she has been working on Photography, Sculpture, furniture design and digital art. September 2012 saw her first exhibition in London entitled ‘ The Art of
Living’ based on the photography of sculptures and the transformation of them into artworks. Her challenge is to communicate with the viewer by creating a series of works, hat use the power of art to show complex ideas in a simple way and to facilitate nonverbal communication around abstract ideas.

Lucy Namayanja says: “My artwork takes a critical view of my own individual, social, political and cultural issues – often referencing and examining the relationship between birth, life, growth,  death and decay. “Combining craft with technology, architectural organic sculptures evolve through a series of digital manipulations into abstract images. The notion of optical truth is of central importance to justify the manipulation of the materials. My innocent eye being uncorrupted by the western world enables the engagement of diverse modernist architectural forms which reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces.”

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