The Guardian | Daily Mail Pays Damages to Ugandan Prime Minister Over Article That Claimed Cronies Took Aid Money

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Amama Mbabazi’s ‘cronies’ were alleged to have taken £10m in foreign aid in two articles published last October. Uganda’s prime minister has received substantial libel damages from the Daily Mail over an article that claimed his “cronies” took £10m in foreign aid.

Amama Mbabazi instructed his lawyers over the claims in two Daily Mail articles published last October. The reports included one Mail Online article headed “Britain and Ireland suspend aid to Uganda after £10m of funding ends up in prime minister’s account,” the high court in London heard on Tuesday.

A lawyer for Mbabazi told Mr Justice Tugendhat that the false claims were based on a report by the Ugandan auditor general which revealed “irregularities, fraud and forgery on the part of staff working within the office of the prime minister.”

Andrew Stephenson, the solicitor for Mbabazi from law firm Carter-Ruck, told the court: “As the defendant accepts, there was no suggestion in the auditor general’s report that the claimant was responsible for, or benefited from, the theft of the money from the office of the prime minister.

“The defendant appears today to apologise to the claimant for the harm to his reputation and offence caused to him by its articles.”

The Daily Mail publisher, Associated Newspapers, has agreed not to repeat the allegation and paid Mbabazi a “substantial sum” in damages plus his legal costs. Julian Darrall, solicitor for Associated Newspapers, said the publisher apologises to Mbabazi and that the article has been removed from MailOnline.

Following the auditor general’s report last October, the UK Department for International Development said about £11m in aid had been suspended with immediate effect because of “initial evidence” emerging from a forensic audit.

Source — The Guardian

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    James Bill Ochamgiu

    I support the idea that all corruption cases be heard at the high court magistrate chambers the the should be removed from the constitutional court. I am sure this is a bright idea which i personally cannot underrate. As we are moving towards rule of law, constitutional rule and open democracy we better start to think of a better way to handle policy and administrative issues with sober mind. Am sure politician now know that they are mere opponents not enemies, for those still busy misusing public resources on punishing their fellow workmates like capt. Moses Asiimwe now in custody for demanding to know why he is not considered for a higher rank after many years. May be Capt. is an outcast not feet for promotion but i think Twalire minus Bakiga or Banyoro. The executive is no longer able to handle matters.


    The lack of critical thinking and logical reasoning is killing our nation and indeed the world. The auditor general writes a report, the local media use it to accuse Mbabazi of benefiting from the malfeasance in his office, the foreign press pick it up and run with it and foreign governments suspend aid. Much as I am not a fan, I am glad he sued and I am glad he won a “substantial sum.” The lack of investigative journalism and just reporting peoples opinions has ruined our nation.

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