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In the 20th century Idi Amin Dada became the most famous political figure for all the wrong reasons. In 1971 he seized power from the then president of Uganda Milton Obote while he was away. The two men had once been allies but were now great enemies. At the time of the military coup Amin was in hismid-40s and the head of the army. The 6’4 ft. tall Amin was born in northern Uganda in 1925, he barely went to school. He grew up with almost nothing and he struggled to survive. He was raised up by his mother. She was a very tough big bodied woman just like he was. Like many poor Ugandan boys seeking an escape from poverty, Idi Amin got a job with the British colonial army as a cook.

In the 1940s the colonial army was looking for more people and Amin got a chance to join the army. He excelled in the military. They kept promoting him due to his dedication to the job. It was while in the army that the athletic Amin enjoyed his first taste of fame. He was Uganda’s light heavyweight boxing champion for over 9 years and remained a keen swimmer throughout his life. But when he took over the presidency he turned out monstrous and dictatorial. In 1972 a self-proclaimed nationalist, Amin,unveiled plans for an economic war on what he called the domination of Uganda by foreigners. Amin ordered over 80, 000 Asians living in Uganda to leave the country. They were given 90 days to leave and to only take with them what they could carry. This was a great mistake as Professor Maggie Kigozi a Ugandan entrepreneur tells. “There are people who believe he did us a favour. Business was now open for Ugandans to take over. But they were not really ready for it at that point in time. We were not business people,” she says.

The population of Asians was small but they contributed two thirds of the national Ugandan economy then. Industries came to a halt, all the social services disintegrated, schools and so did the hospitals. Nothing was left for Uganda. Many attributed his illogical decisions on his lack of education and lack of consultation. This led to his agitation and whoever questioned his rule did not see the light of day, they were killed. In his 8 year rule, about 300,000 people were killed. But his children only knew of a caring father.

“It was fun with my dad all the time. He was a very down to earth person who wanted to make sure that we are not spoilt kids. In school he made sure we were treated just the same as all the other kids,” recalls Hussein Juruga, Idi Amin’s son. His reign was internationally known to be bloody and his behaviour considered animal like and insane. But in Uganda people feared him.

“Do we see him as a monster? Yes, up to a point he was monstrous. He was very, very frightening to be near,” recalls Dr. Vali Jamal, Ugandan Asian.
He wasted no chance to mock the country’s former colonial master, Britain. He once arranged one of his publicity stunts. He got a group of British businessmen in Uganda to carry him shoulder high and declare him the conqueror of the British Empire. This dehumanizing nature made many believe he was insane.

Meanwhile Milton Obote had sought refuge in Tanzania and was preparing his army to attack Kampala and overthrow Amin. He knew the secret, that Amin due to lack of cohesion with his people and lack of education was just a scary person through talking but army wise he had not assembled a strong army. Hence in April 1979 Amin was overthrown. He sought refuge in Saudi Arabia where he lived till his death in August 16, 2003 at the age of 78. In Ugandan nothing has been named after Idi Amin.

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    Asha Aate

    Atleast now people recognized what he did,look at foreign missions abroad…it doesn’t matter whether anything is named or not the fact is his name still lives on,like it or not,no human is perfect,by the way,what will u be remembered for as a contribution to ur country whether good or bad??ani akumaanyi??

    Baguama Geoffrey

    There is Amin street in Kasese Municipality. This street is near Centenary bank.

    David Wani

    Amin’s name will never be forgotten in history. He has made a mark in the world. Today homophobia is common in many countries. Amin just took it to the next level. Go to Russia, Greece, Australia and Italy and you will see what I mean..


      There is no homophobia there is only ungodly perversion perpetrated by Satan and his minons. They, these perverts, including their Obama have it coming to em, just watch and learn to stand on the promises of God Almighty! Heterophobia is more of a accurate term that applies to these ungodly monsters..

    abdulkarim ahmed

    There are a lot of lies and exaggeration in that story who verified the number of people he is alleged to have killed?How many were killed in Vietnam?why were their killers not labelled monsters? How many were and are being killed every day in DRC why arent their leader labelled monsters Stop this double standard!


      Double standard indeed, in the article it clearly says that they were controlling 2/3 rds of the economy, and that was and still is completely out of the question. BTW that has a Jewish feel to it. Like they perpetrated in Germany before Hitler rose up and started whooping em. Say no to the Synagogue of Satan!




      To rule any part of the African race is the most challenging thing in all leadership. They are the most hard-headed, stiff-necked, do it my way, egotistical persons on the planet, pure individualist. I sure he came to know this as all other African leaders have learned no matter if it was Nat Turner, Denmark Vensey, John Dusable, Malcolm the great X, or the Right Excellent Marcus Garvey, It is thankless, more that arduous, and a task beyond comprehension, and a rod of iron is the only way to achieve even 1/2 way results. REMEMBER I TOLD YOU!!!



    Is the Uganda of today any different from the Uganda during Amin’s days? Can you imagine a primary four drop out drove the development of a Satellite, Uganda Missions abroad, Conference Center.

    What does Museveni have to show after 30 years in Power? “The problem of Africa in general and Uganda in particular,” Museveni said in a speech in 1986, “is not the people but leaders who want to overstay in power.”


    This is out right not so correct. Amin to me was and still is thus far the best president Uganda has had. There are many institutions still standing todate that were developed during his reign. The west always applies double standards. Just because Amin was a Nationalist…pro African , they labeled him monster. Take a look at Kosovo , Vietnam , Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan , Palestine , Syria…. How many have been killed ? It’s the same reason why the west instigated the killing of Gadaffi… he challenged the west.


      And we never want to challenge the west do we? The homosexual, perverted, Greed based RACIST west that is clinging to its mere existence by a rat hair….Justice is about to be served. Guard against the whore of Babylon! Rev ch 18. AWAY WITH ALL DEVILS! Stand in the truth of the Lord Almighty!


    Just look at me and ask why am called Idi Amin Dada!!! There is no feature of his I miss except for your purported insanity which I highly doubt!!! How can an insane person rule for 08yrs,empower indigenous citizens, develop the country, curb corruption and indebtedness and improve the country’s image abroad????


    The Former President Of Uganda. Field Marshall Al- Haji Idi Amin Dada Alemi foundation are created in memory of our late beloved father al-haji idi amin dada alemi RIP. he is remembered as a good father, a wonderful husband, a great leader who kept the country together, a founder of economic independence in Uganda. he united all Ugandans of all religious denominations, we his childrens as well many Ugandans and friends around the globe. missed him, but he will always remains in our hearts forever, and in spirit. dad use to tel me on phone while he was still alive leaving in jaddah that, he and entire family to forgive those who hate him and family. our prayers to almighty allah to rest his soul in eternal peace aamin.

    Philemon Xavier

    In the world of evil,those who do the right things and fight for the truth are considered wrong doers and accused of many false-exagerated statements. Take an example of any providencial leader who ever lived on this earth: Jesus,Muhammed,Buddah,confuscus to mention,all faced false accusations only lived to prove the world wrong as corruption consumed nations at its intensity. RIP Dada!


    The idea that we shouldn’t blame Amin because other political actors are committing the same or worse mistakes is really disgusting. Bad acts are bad regardless of who or when they are committed. Amin and what he represents should be condemned. The same applies to those who came before or after him behaving or acting in the same or similar way. They belong to the dustbin of history. Period.

    Kelvin Nivlek

    Amin was not a good leader. There is no good in killing people randomly without any iota of justice. His own daughter Babby Salamshayda testified in one the documentary that the insane despot had his wife killed and chopped in pieces that had to be sewn later. Records are there. Were is justice Kiwanuka and even the bishop? When people praise this madness, do they take into consideration the families of those that got tortured and disappeared and the Amin’s insanity? Wrong is wrong and lets stop providing excuses for wrong doing fellow countrymen. Like Amin, Museveni is next to be pushed out of power.


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