Hasifa M. Kivumbi Breaking Barriers as Miss UNAA

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Ugandan beauty Hasifa M.Kivumbi was crowned Miss UNAA in Philadelphia in 2012. Since then she has reigned like no other queen has. With a two year title, she is halfway through her reign and her list of current and future accomplishments as Miss. UNAA is nothing short of inspirational. AS Miss. UNAA, Miss kivumbi has served as a focal point for the youth across borders.

She has now been named the spokesperson for the Global Water Partnership for the East African region. As the spokesperson for GWP East Africa, Miss Kivumbi is committed to taking advantage of the GWP’s powers of providing platforms that facilitate dialogs about Africa’s ongoing water insecurities. Her upcoming events this year include the Young water professional Conference to be held in Nairobi, Kenya where she will serve as one of the keynote speakers to young professionals from around the world all working towards the GWP’s objectives of creating a water secure world by 2020.

Breaking Barriers

As a native of Uganda based in the United States, like many others in the Diaspora, Miss Kivumbi has also struggled with the very common identity crisis that arises amongst cultural borders. That is why she is now joining forces with Breaking Barriers. Breaking Barriers was founded by John Ssemanda and is a philanthropic organization geared towards the unification, personal development and education of individuals living in the African Diaspora. The organization serves as a change agent in the African Diaspora with efforts to connect cultures. It place emphasis on communities from East Africa but interacts and impacts all African communities. Breaking Barriers serves and consists of African youth and adults across the globe. Together with Miss. UNAA, Breaking Barriers is s hosting an educational forum to address the effects of the lack of educational resources for the youth in the Diaspora at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. To learn more about breaking Barriers and the upcoming educational forums please visit


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