Vancouver Lifestyles | Ugandan Designer On The Rise – Charles Kasozi a.k.a Ras Kasozi To Showcase At The 3rd Diaspora Gala In Kampala

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Charles Kasozi’s (Uganda) Kas Wear showcased during the Vancouver Fashion Week, the charismatic designer shared an unexpected twist to office attire. With bold prints and customizable clothing, it seems as though the young man introduced upscale to bohemian chic, or vice versa. Inspiration was derived from the current economic situation in Uganda, which became apparent as business wear tended to be the majority of the collection. Nonetheless, beautiful African and Ugandan prints brought liveliness to the collection, which was anything but drab.

A few note-worthy pieces were showcased in the beginning of the show; right from the start we laid our eyes on the lovely model in a cream blazer and printed onsie. Halfway through, she started undressing to eventually hang the inversed coat on her shoulder. This ability may have been an alternative to coat-check. Another customizable piece was worn by a man, who zipped off a middle section to his army coat, turning it into a blazer-inspired top. This transformative collection was connected quite evidently with the outline of Africa on the left eye of each model, sometimes seen on a few pieces themselves.

Thank you to UJAMAAH for sponsoring Mr. Kasozi so that he may showcase his brilliant collection to the city of Vancouver. With such great talent around the world, it was an honor to attend this display of international creativity. For those that would like to see the entire collection, search Kas Wear on facebook. – Source Vancouver Lifestyles.

Charles Kasozi A.K.A Kas Wear will also be showcasing his latest Collection at the 3rd Annual Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Gala at Kampala Serena Hotel December 30th 2013.

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