Day Two | UNAA Dallas Convention Highlights In Pictures

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Day Two Highlights – Saturday August 31st the UNAA Convention in Dallas entered its second day that was filled with a hive of activity among which was a UNAA  Town hall meet, Vendor activities, an Art Exhibition, a boat Cruise not part of UNAA and evening entertainment. As people settled in so did the numbers of both the registered and non registered attendees within hotel premises.

The various forums where also covered in pictures though it was the Political forum that featured some of the most heated discussions. Various speakers from the different parties spoke including the expelled NRM MP Mohammed Nsereko who was asked to explain why his own party had chosen to dismiss the rebel MPs. Not included in this batch is the Saturday UNAA luncheon!

Ugandan Diaspora News captured some of the special moments and meetings of Day Two and part of Day Three and now brings you some of the highlights In Pictures.

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