Face of Hope International USA Holds A Global Day of Service Fundraiser Walk For Ugandan Children In Medford, MA.

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On Saturday 5th October 2013 a US based charity with roots in Uganda – Face of Hope International held its first ever Global Day of Service Fundraiser Walk at the Medford Square in Massachusetts sponsored by Walden University. A brain child of Bakali Mukasa. The charity walk drew several participants many of who were united in their cause to eliminate malnutrition among HIV orphaned children in Uganda.

About  Face of Hope International USA

Established in 2012, Face of Hope International USA is a Massachusetts-based non-profit Organization that works with organizations and individuals in United States and around the world to support local leaders and charities in Africa to build effective and sustainable programs in areas of education, primary health care, HIV/AIDS, community health education, nutrition and food security, and economic empowerment to promote interests of marginalized groups – orphans, vulnerable children, women and the youth.

FHI is always looking for organizations and individuals to partner with us in our dream of building communities that give marginalized populations hope for a better future regardless of their geographical locality.



It is my lifelong wish for everyone in this world to have access to enough food to sustain their normal growth as is for many people here in the USA. This however is far from reality in many less developed countries including Uganda.

I grew up in a rural poor family in Uganda, where having enough food on a plate was and still is a luxury for many families. This is even worse for child-headed families that have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. I am often haunted by memories of my childhood and the fact that many children are still going through similar conditions in the 21st century is just unacceptable.


About The President & Founder — Face of Hope International USA

Bakali Mukasa

When I left Uganda to come to USA in 2011, I left behind communities that I had served for over five years through Face of Hope International (FHI) a nonprofit organization I started in 2006. During one of our outreach programs I saw orphaned children begging their guardians for food, who due to frustration yelled back with statements suggesting they had no more. These often made it to seem like the children were at fault for asking, and that the guardians were guilty of not having the food to feed them. This memory has remained fresh in my life, especially waking up each morning with a variety of foods in my fridge for me to make a choice from and thinking of those orphaned children who sleep on empty stomachs but also not sure of breakfast the following morning.

During this period of Walden’s Global Week of Service I wish to raise $14,000.00 for buying nutritious foods for malnourished HIV/AIDS orphans at Wanyama village in Jinja, Uganda. This money will be used to buy food and food supplements for 84 orphans at Wanyama Village for six months. This project will be implemented in partnership with FHI Uganda because they are already implementing other similar programs in the area.

The fundraiser will be held on Saturday October 5, 2013 at Medford Square in Massachusetts.
I joined Walden University because of its mission of training scholar-practitioners who can later establish positive social change in communities. I hope to broaden my knowledge, networks and resources and plan to further my mission of working with local leaders and charities to building communities that give their residents a hope for a better future.

Bakali Mukasa B.A., Msc., PhD. Student
Founder & President, Face of Hope International USA
6 Victoria Street Suite 202, Everett MA 02149
+1 774 327 5346

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    I can confidently confirm that we have 90 children at Ebenezer Community School. Many of them come from impoverished families and elderly headed families. They come to school on empty stomachs, we would like to at least provide them with a hot meal and breakfast at and on facebook Shepherd’s House Childcare Minstries and Ebenezer Community School.

    The village we work in, we have lost 2 children because they could not access the health centre. One was bitten by a snake and she died in her mother’s back as they waited for a bodaboda and another one died a few days because of fever, he died at 4:10am in his father’s back as they looked for a boda boda to rush them to a health centre with is around 7km. Among the things we want to do is putting a community clinic to access primary treatment. May be we can work together or partner with FHI, God bless you, thank you for the good work.

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