Texas | Nearly 500 Bone Marrow Recipients Reunited – Captain Lukiah Mulumba’s Daughter Free of Sickle Cell Disease!

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By Karen Grace KENS 5 TV San Antonio, Texas — A heartwarming reunion at Fiesta Texas Saturday was unlike any other. Patients who were told they would never walk or live past a certain age celebrated their survival with hundreds of other bone marrow transplant recipients. Nearly 500 bone marrow recipients reunited, sharing Bar-B-Que, rides and most importantly, a transplant that saved their lives.

“We are happy to be here,” said Lukiah Mulumba. Lukiah’s daughter, Carol received a life-changing transplant when she was only 7-year-old. Carol is now 12-years-old. “I thought I was going to lose her at 7,” said Lukiah. “I’m so excited because she was supposed to die but now she’s happy living,” she added.

For Carol, the life-changing moment came at generosity of her own brother. “At the age of 5 he donated his blood to me so I would be better again,” said Carol about her brother’s help. Carol said the physical pain of struggling with sickle cell anemia is gone. She shared her story with other transplant recipients like 50-year-old Alma.

“It’s a Godsend,” said Alma as she was reunited with her transplant doctor. Doctor Carlos Bachier is the director of the bone marrow transplant program at Methodist Hospital. “It’s good to see her so healthy and back to doing what she loves to do,” he said.

Survivors come in all ages.

KENS 5 met a young girl named Alazay who was diagnosed with Leukemia. She had a bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy and blood transfusions all by the age of twelve.

Today she’s able to play sports for her middle school Alazay’s mother was never sure how it would all turn out. “She was told she would never walk and talk and now she’s doing it all.” said Alazay’s mother. “I think they are all fighters,” said Carol Mulumba. “They went through their disease and they went through their transplants and now they are OK.”

Three different survivors from different walks of life, bonded through healing.

Source — Kens5 TV San Antanio, Texas

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