Ugandans In Diaspora | The Dual Citizenship Petition – What are Real Facts and How Can you Join This Cause In 2014?

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Acquisition by a citizen of Uganda of the Citizenship of another country while retaining the Citizenship of Uganda

1. A citizen of Uganda who desires to acquire the citizenship of another country while retaining his or her citizenship of Uganda shall give notice in writing to board (National Citizenship and Immigration Board) of his or her application for the citizenship of another country.
2. The notice (1 above) shall be in the prescribed form and shall be accompanied by the following:

a) A statutory declaration stating that he or she is a citizen of Uganda only;
b) Where the person is a citizen of Uganda and another country, a declaration of renunciation of the citizenship of the third country;
c) Evidence that the applicant is of or above 18 years of age;
d) A copy of the application for citizenship of that other country;
e) Any other relevant information.


¨  a) Ugandans who desire to acquire the citizenship of another country first give written notice to the National Citizenship Board in Kampala.

¨   b) Children born of Ugandan parents in the diaspora, who acquire citizenship of foreign countries, are not eligible for Ugandan citizenship until they are 18 years

¨  c) An application fee of US $400 per person to re-acquire Ugandan citizenship.


¨  i) Ugandans to acquire foreign citizenships without having to first notify the National Citizenship Board.

¨   ii) Re—admission of Ugandans that were inadvertently stripped of their right to citizenship because they did not notify the National Citizenship Board in writing. This should be without the re-application requirements and further delays.

¨   iii) Children born abroad maintain their Ugandan Citizenship unless they choose to renounce it when they are 18 years or older.

¨  As concerned Ugandans, we want to be part of the discussion which impacts our future and generations to come.

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