Ashish Thakkar | Survivor, Achiever, Entrepreneur and a Believer in Africa’s Future

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The story of Ashish Thakkar is one of building and rebuilding, earning and giving back. He was just 13 when he and his family had to leave everything they had in Africa to escape the Rwandan genocide. But just a year later, resettled in Dubai, Thakkar set himself on the path of entrepreneurship when he sold his own computer to a family friend. At 15, he took out a US$6000 loan and started his first company. World Economic Forum on Africa 2011 Thakkar would go on to found the Mara Group, an African conglomerate that includes one of the largest IT companies in Africa, and he’ll also be the first East African astronaut when he flies on a Virgin Galactic flight. Nowadays, 31-year-old Thakkar focuses roughly 40% of his time on the Mara Foundation, which fosters African entrepreneurship with mentoring, incubation space and venture capital.

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    Ashish is a humble African entrepreneur who will inspire many who truly believe in the potential and future of the continent. Unlike many seemingly self-made African millionaires, he is candid about how he made it and also passionate about mentoring others to do the same. He articulates the challenges and opportunities in a manner that renders the doomsters speechless. His optimism is simply contagious.

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