Music Video ~ new Ugandan Dynamic music duo, Bwengye Paul aka. Desh and Talemwa Allan aka Tal-G

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There is a new dynamic musical double tremor coming through the waves, aboard rides two Ugandan Boys who met in high school, at St. Lawrence College Paris Palai, back in 2005, here is their musical adventure, and insight into the path they have taken to rise to this level.

We both loved dancing, and formed a crew in school, East Life Scions(ELS) Paul, Allan, and Bosco, we liked dancing to music by Usher, Chris Brown, Omarion, Missy Elliot, B5, Sean Paul, Bennie man, Kanda  Bongo Man,Pepe Kalle, Oliver Ngoma, Awilo Longomba, Ragga Dee, Elephant man and Marques Huston We had passion for dancing like crazy,


Paul: Allan (Tal-G) was a very good drummer, MDD sessions , Assembly performances, he was always there drumming his heart out. Paul was a very shy guy, later motivated by  Allan to cme out of he’s box and do what he loved to do… We both had a dream of making our own music, spent time drumming on tables singing the little songs we cud write by then. We got seperated in A-level in 2009, I went to St.Lawrence Citizens High School Creamland and Allan was still in Paris Palais. We got to meet at joint functions that included the 2 campuses and we still caught up, and kept the dream alive..


Paul: I met Gideon, in Creamland and his big brother had a recording Studio in Lubaga, kampala, Infint3 Records, he took me there in December 2010, I got to know the place and the people in it but by then the dream on my side was kind of dying out, but when i met Allan again, he had this computer at home and he was making very nice and original instrumentals using Fruity loops and his instrumentals were amazing I cud feel the drive force that he had was still the same from high school , so, I asked him if it was ok if he cud check out the studio i had been to, and he didn’t hesitate, on he’s side the dream had grown even more, he had passion for it, from that moment  then, we kicked off, and he made one instrumental in the studio that captured everyone’s attention ,and he asked me whether  we cud do  a duo on it, I was over joyed i was ready to go, then the song “we made it” was out, we had Sheeba, a friend do the chorus, we got compliments and it fueled our motivation to move on with it, lyrically we were young but as time went on, we grew through it and got to understand “Drive” and art in music..


DoublEdge Music is currently working on their first Album “Power of Free Will” with songs like Ntongopoto, She moving on the floor and the current  Blig Jada.

Later after High School,
Blig Jada

Blig Jada is a song that reflects an excitment feel, joyfull feel, Blig jada was a dance stroke Allan and I used to dance back in school


And as a song , its also message to everyone proving  that you don’t have to know specific strokes to groove on the dance floor, the dance floor is a place for you to let loose, the movement created by the music banging from with in you moves just like blood, feel the music flowing through you, and let it move your body, and there’s no reason to be shy when everyone else is dancing….  So Blig Jada for me now ohhh!!.

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