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Dear Readers,

Greetings from Boston,

I returned from Uganda at the beginning of this month and it’s back to the reality of the cold and snowy New England winter, with extreme weather that has gripped a large area of North America in a deep freeze this season. While the east coast has been experiencing frigid cold conditions our brethren on the west coast have had extended drought conditions and fires that have scorched the vegetation in the Golden State (California)!
On a positive note, planning is now proceeding in earnest for our second Ugandan Business Expo on June 21st, taking place at the Waltham Hilton Garden Inn. We hope to see Jackie Chandiru, Anne Kansiime, Exodus and a host of other entertainers and business leaders in Boston. This year’s delegation will be led by our patron Prof. Maggie Kigozi and will include the Executive Director of the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), the Executive Director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), Post Bank, Uganda Tourism Board and real estate developers eager to work with those in the Diaspora.
The event, which started as a way to help the Ugandan Boston community identify areas of investment back home, is now attracting regional interest. This year we shall be joined by our East African neighbors as we include a session dedicated to East African Affairs. Contact has already been established with the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) and we hope to also see a segment on East African Diaspora Affairs included in the program.
The scandal-ridden National ID project has finally taken off and we are happy to learn that it has been extended to include the Diaspora. I strongly believe, however, that this process should be handled through our embassies overseas as a way to bring services closer to those in the Diaspora, the same way passport renewal is now done. Requiring people to go back to Uganda to obtain IDs would only invite more corruption for a project that has been dogged by numerous scandals.
Lately Uganda’s political landscape has changed as a new leader of the opposition, Wafula Oguttu arrives on the scene, taking over from Nandala Mafabi . As we head toward the 2016 election some believe that the incumbent still has the upper hand over what is now a splintered opposition.
Our immediate neighbor to the north has not had a smooth ride. Following a protracted civil war in Sudan between the predominantly Muslim north and the predominantly Christian south, the young nation of South Sudan is now on its knees as its two biggest rival tribes–the Dinka (led by incumbent President Salvir Kiir) and the Nuer (led by Riek Machar, a former Vice President) do battle. Uganda’s involvement seems to have thrown a spanner in the works when its miltary joined the fight on the side of government in a move never sanctioned by Parliament in Kampala. An article in the New Yorker seems to summarize the events rather well:
Uganda’s tourism recently got a boost with the confirmation of Stephen Asiimwe who assumes the new role of Executive Director, Uganda Tourism Board, which will help jump start marketing Uganda as a tourist destination. Stand by for details on the first Uganda Tourism Road Show in Massachusetts this summer.
Finally, love is in the air this month as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, associated with a tradition of courtly love and named after the third century Roman saint who died on February 14th.
Quote of the month — Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter – By Samuel Johnson.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all the love birds!
Ronnie Mayanja
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    Brenda katama

    This is great. As a tourism graduate from muk now living in states, I would be interested in attending those meetings. I agree with you on the ID issue, I think we should push it to our embassy I don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to issue them. We should contact the ambassador on that soon.

    See you in June.

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