Daily Monitor | Museven signs Anti-Homosexuality bill into law

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Daily Monitor – President Museveni has finally assented to the Anti-Homosexuality bill. The bill now becomes a law. While signing the bill at state house Entebbe, the president said that he has signed the bill because scientific research proved that Homosexuality is by nurture and not nature, hence it can be fought.

“A study done in Sweden showed that 34% were homosexuals as a result of nurture not nature” He said. Museveni also added that those practicing Homosexuality especially in Uganda are doing so because of mercenary (poverty) reasons.

On the issue of losing aid by signing the bill, President Museveni, quoting the story of Esau in the bible said that Uganda will not give up their rights because of food like Esau did. He then took the chance to remind the gathering that Uganda does not need aid. “Uganda is very rich, we do not need the aid,” He said.

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The anti-homosexuality bill has sparked debate in the previous weeks after US president Barrack Obama said that signing the bill would strain the relationship between Uganda and USA. However, Museveni states that Uganda wants to work with the west, but they can not force us to do something like homosexuality.

On the issue of why he has signed the bill yet the prime Minister Amama Mbabazi opposed the same bill in parliament, Museveni said: “Amama Mbabazi opposed the debate on the bill on my orders , i was going to send it back if had not been convinced otherwise ….Now that i have agreed to the bill, Mbabazi will also agree, like the Basoga say, Omukulu kyakoba zena kyenkoba”.

President Museveni also expressed his disappointment that a man could get attracted to a fellow man in the presence of very many beautiful woman, which he termed as a “very serious” matter : “Even now i have not fully understood that you can fail to get attracted to these beautiful women and get attracted to a man, you get attracted to a man? That is a very serious matter”. He said.

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