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Kenneth Kimuli (alias Pablo), the celebrated Ugandan comedian, went into comedy because it was the only avenue, where he could tackle serious issues in society without offending others. “It’s a funny way of addressing serious issues without necessarily being abusive, aggressive or invading people’s privacy,” Kimuli said.

“With all the challenges people go through on a daily basis and considering that Uganda was declared the 11th unhappiest country in the world, there was a need for something to turn this mess into a message; nothing does it better than comedy,” he added.

This was evident when the people who turned up to watch his stand-up comedy were sent into prolonged bouts of laughter by performances that depicted the humorous side of student life at the National Theatre in Kampala in January. Kimuli said the “Back To School” show was a way of connecting with the young people through comedy.

“I wanted to create a rapport with the young people so as to share experiences. The jokes were tailored for the young people in relation to what school was in the previous years so as to bridge the generational gap between them and their parents.”

“Since comedy is a funny way of being serious, I also wanted to address HIV/Aids prevention and stigma. That explains why I hosted young people, who are HIV-positive and willing to share their stories with their peers,” he added.


HIV/Aids message

The audience was moved by the touching story of the HIV/Aids activist, actress and musician Barbara Kemigisa, who was rejected and thrown out of her home after she tested HIV-positive. She gave birth to her daughter on the street. Kimuli hosted a number of stand-up comedians, musicians and activists whom he interviewed and who shared in the jokes, music and dance.

Kimuli, who started his career in 2004 as a pioneer with the comedy outfit Theatre Factory before leaving to start his own Pablo Live in 2010. “It was after winning the MNet Africa Stand-Up Uganda competition in 2009 that I decided to start the Pablo Live Show,” he said. Among the issues he tackles are reproductive health, family, the education system, tribal stereotypes and physical education.

Kimuli reads and researches widely for his skits, asking questions and observing what goes on around him.

“I look out for the lighter side of every serious situation or what would be the punch line. Some of my jokes are based on real life experience and I crack them with a passion because I own them. The best jokes are always about yourself,” he said.

According to Kimuli, the comedy industry in Uganda is steadily growing and being accepted as an alternative form of entertainment. The number of comedy outfits that keep mushrooming is an indication that people are taking comedy seriously. “Like any other industry, there are clowns who get on board and tarnish the image of the art but that is part of development,” he said.

He added that Ugandans appreciate comedy since they turn up in large numbers.

“The corporate world has also expressed interest in supporting comedians, which is a plus for the entertainment industry,” he added.
Kimuli, who has performed in the US, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda, cannot tell the number of skits he has performed so far.
“I have lost count. That’s why I’m writing a joke book and have released two videos.”

Away from comedy, Kimuli is the production director of radio serial drama Rock Point 256, which is recorded in four languages and aired on 22 local radio stations. Kimuli, who was born in 1978, is married with one child. He holds a BA in journalism and creative writing from Namasagali University.

Source — The East African

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    I love Pablo’s humour to bits.

    kityo Jacob (Anaesthetist)

    I love Publo with passion. I am inspired by his performance and though am medical professional. I really wish to be mentored by him that’s if he does! Because I didn’t see any address of the sort! But otherwise we celebrate u Publo keep going. You’re just so excellent!
    Bwenaaku mwanjagala kubeera nga ggwe!

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