Royal Tour | Bulungi Bwansi Canada Announces HRH Nabagereka and Buganda Katikiro’s visit to Toronto

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For immediate release — The Buganda Community in Toronto – Bulungi Bwansi Canada, is pleased to announce a Royal Tour of Canada by Her Royal Highness  Nabagereka of Buganda which will take place in August 2014.

Her Royal Highnesses the Nabagereka of Buganda has accepted the invitation of her subjects in Toronto Canada to undertake a Royal Tour in August 2014, from the 28th to the 31st.

Her Royal Highness will be accompanied by the Katikkiro Owekiitibwa Charles Peter Mayiga, and several Buganda Kingdom Ministers
The Royal Tour will be coordinated by the Bulungi Bwansi Canada and the preparations to host the HRH the Nabageraka and Katikkiro in the Canada are now in full gear.

For inquiries email — – Ugandan Diaspora News is proud to partner with Bulungi Bwansi Canada to help promote this royal visit.

Estella Muyinda
Secretary Bulungi Bwansi Canada
John Nicolas Nalima
Chair Organizing Committee Bulungi Bwansi Canada

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