Dallas Dispatch | King Iguru of Bunyoro Kingdom Appoints Luo Texas Businessman New Kingdom Ambassador to USA

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Dallas Dispatch — The Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, has appointed a Ugandan-American businessman the new Ambassador of the Kingdom in the United States of America. Mr. Marvin Apira, 43, a Texas-based businessman, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist, is an Alur hailing from Arua district in West Nile. He is the first non-Munyoro to be appointed by Omukama Solomon Gafabusa Iguru, as an ambassador to represent and promote the kingdom’s interests in the United States.

His appointment a non-Munyoro and a Luo in particular, to represent Bunyoro Kingdom’s interests in the USA appears out of ordinary, it comes as no surprise. The Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom has strong ancestral links with the Luo in Acholi, Nebbi, Lango, and others related to the Biito dynasty that previously occupied parts of Southern Sudan, Northern Uganda, Bunyoro, and Western Kenya. This appointment, however, is part of a long-term strategic plan by the Omukama to market the economic potential of the oil-rich region abroad. The plan is designed to attract foreign investments into the kingdom and mobilize Ugandans in the Diaspora, especially the Banyoro, to set up businesses and community-based projects to help improve the social and economic welfare of the people in Bunyoro, one of the most impoverished regions in Uganda.


According to the appointment letter seen by this writer and signed by the Omukama Iguru Solomon Gafabusa was delivered to Mr. Marvin Apira by a royal delegation from the Bunyoro Kingdom led by Mr. Charles Owacigiu, who also works as the Registrar of Lands in Uganda. The four-year-long ambassadorial appointment is subject to renewal.

According to his new appointment, Ambassador Marvin Apira is charged with among other wide-ranging duties, to represent the Bunyoro- Kitara Kingdom in the United States of America and to promote the Kingdoms development interests; Mobilize potential foreign investors, unite the Banyoro in the Diaspora and well wishers of the kingdom; and serve as the chief investment lobbyist and international development projects liaison for the Bunyoro Kingdom.

In addition to his ambassadorial duties, Mr. Marvin Apira is also the new patron of the Bunyoro Kitara Reparations Associations Agency [BUKITAREPA] Ltd were he will be providing effective and coherent guidance to the Association in all its endeavors.

Commenting on his royal appointment by the Omukama of Bunyoro, a region where the largest oil deposits in Uganda have been discovered, Mr. Marvin Apira, said:

“It’s an extension of service to humanity that defines my mission in life, to give back to my community in Uganda and elsewhere I live.”


Before he left his motherland Uganda for the US, Mr. Marvin Apira, had built a strong “junior chamber of commerce, Uganda” chapter from fifty professionals to over sixty thousand members nationwide. He said that since he was assigned the responsibilities of an ambassador and those of the patron of BUKITAREPA “without campaigning for them, they are divinely ordered. I am very optimistic that I will accomplish them because with God on my side,
All things will be possible.”

An accomplished and successful businessman in the USA, Mr. Marvin Apira, runs a chain of wholesale, retail, transport, and import and export businesses in the USA. His commitment to justice for the disadvantaged immigrant communities in the USA inspired him to establish a support center for immigrants in the Dallas – Fort worth metropolitan area. Mr. Marvin Apira’s work ethic has endeared him to churches of different denominations in Dallas area that he has trained to encourage them to focus more on self – empowerment initiatives than relying on welfare driven outreach efforts. His social entrepreneurial and philanthropic work in this area has enabled Mr. Marvin Apira, to network extensively with the most affluent individuals in business and leaders in charitable organizations to assist the poor in various communities.

He is also passionate about justice and equality for all and he is a supporter of Human Rights Initiatives of North Texas where he has over the years served as a guest speaker at fundraising functions and thanksgiving celebrations for the organization. Mr. Marvin Apira, has also worked with “Love in Action International” a humanitarian organization he has supported in providing assistance to countries such as Croatia, Bosnia, Jordan, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Following his passion to serve the needs of the underprivileged individuals, Mr. Marvin Apira, founded a Texas- based charitable organization, “Alliance for Forgotten Children – Uganda” which has mobilized and sent humanitarian assistance to children in Uganda for several years.

Asked how he will be able to effectively handle the huge task of the Ambassadorial and Patron, Mr. Apira, replied; “My private business interests and work with non profit organizations are fully catered for despite the additional heavy responsibilities of an ambassador and patron of BUKITAREPA, the cheerful Marvin Apira, assured this writer during an interview at his residence.

“My new assignments will revolve around competent teams that I plan to institute with specific assignments and task forces for specific activities,” he said.

Born and raised in Pawor, village, in Arua district of West Nile region in Uganda, Marvin Apira, attended his early education in his home village and completed his high school education at Kibuli secondary school in Kampala before joining Makerere University for his Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences. In the USA, he has simultaneously pursued higher education, creating employment, community service initiatives and helped set up private businesses. Mr. Marvin Apira, is happily married to his wife Grace and together the couple has four children.


By: Rev Joseph W. Kamugisha
Balch Springs, Texas, USA.

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    Dr Paul Kibenge

    I am impressed you have kept the writers’ candle burning. Good work Rev. I watch in Uganda happily with updated developments in DFW.

    congragulations,leadership comes from above.its my prayer that God grsnts you wisdom. 2chronicles1:1Now Solomon the Son of David was strengthened in his kingdom,and the lord was with him and exalted him exceedingly.

    Congragulations again ,we wish you the best on this new calling.

    Apostle Gilbert Apostle

    Congradulations to Mr. Marvin Apira for those appointment. To much given much is required may the Lord give you the strength, wisdom, servittude spirit for excellent service to Bunyoro community.

    Love you bro, and put you in my prayers always.

    Ap. Gill


    Congragulations.leadership comes from above,
    Now solomon the son of David was strenghened in his kingdom and the lord his God was with himandexalted him ,exceedingly.2chronicles1:1,may God do it to you as it was with solomon that you run with the vision develop the Bunyoro kingdom and all that is appointed to you. Thank you my dear husband for such a nice story.

    Mabel Kamugisha

    Congratulations Marvin. May the Lord grant you His favor as it was with King Solomon in 2Chrinicles1:1 “Now Solomon the son of David was strenghed in his kingdom and the Lord his God was with him.. .” Trust in the Lord and He will guide you. Thank you my dear husband for such a nice story.


    Thanks to God and by his grace Marvin Apira will execute well the mighty kingdom of bunyoro intersests with atmost care, I have known him since childhood as a leader , result oriented person, good researcher andf a selfless person , he has a heart to always help, iam proud of his appointment and optimistic that he will deliver excellent results to his highness the omukama of bunyoro kingdom. Congs MARVIN


    May the good Lord grant you knowledge, wisdom to serve the nation. Before you do anything Marvin please pray first.
    We are proud of you.

    Alice Okecha

    Alenyo George William

    May God bless you in your new job for bunyoro.Bunyoro is a sleeping giant that shall never be stopped when it starts moving.God bless Solomon Iguru the king of Bunyoro.I also wish to let your know that i have a Law firm operating in Hoima. Alenyo and co advocates. I have been in Hoima for years now.

    Kisa Rose

    “I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?
    ‎Jeremiah 32:27 .

    IF ANYONE OF YOU IS AFFLICTED LET HIM PRAY 1.PRAY PERSISTENTLY Luke 18:1-8 Psalm 55:16-17. When we are afflicted we must pray persistently.

    James 5:13 –
    In a day of affliction nothing is more seasonable than prayer. … Let him sing psalms – That is, if anyone is happy; if he is in health, and is prospered; if he has his …

    Congratulation Dear Uncle !!!

    Kisa Rose

    Michael Anthony

    Marvin, Congratulation leadership is created by God for those who wants to do the best for his people. And leadership mean fight a positive ground for people and change the best in life.

    Thanks Marvin.

    William Odoch

    I have always known you are destined for a greater cause for humanity. It comes as no surprise that you are now serving there but that is just the beginning. There are greater responsibilities ahead. Always remember that to those who much is given, much is expected and all of life is about service. May you serve diligently and religiously!

    Congs Wodmine and keep going, Bless you.

    Amony Keren

    congratulation Marvin,may the Lord God you bless u always with his wisdom .thanks Marvin


    Marvin, the level of multitasking you exhibit is incredible, this is definitely a rare talent that require us to give thanks to the Almighty God to have you with us. I have no doubt the sky will be your limit. Keep it up!

    mandy john

    hello brothers in Christ please i need to be helped i lost mr Marvin apira email address and i would like to talk to him please can you help me and send it to my email,

    Mandy john ,from Kampala Uganda.

    we do really appreciate the work you do in the diaspora


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