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Kampala, Uganda – New York, NY — The non-profit organization, Fields of Growth International, in partnership with the Uganda Lacrosse Union announced and fulfilled plans to bring Team Uganda to the 2014 FIL World Championships. The initiative was launched through the Dream 2014 Campaign – a movement inspired through shared dreams and friendships that have been established via the popular Lacrosse Volunteer Corps program that Fields of Growth runs in Uganda and Jamaica. Over the past three years over 100 volunteers have traveled through this program in an effort to share their passion for service, education and lacrosse.

“We have hosted so many inspiring young men and women from the USA here in Uganda over the past three years. Together we have shared in the greatest gifts life has to offer; friendship, education, hope and dreams,” said Maurice Sserunkuma, Secretary General of the Uganda Lacrosse Union. “The youth of our country have a lot of needs, but no need is greater than the freedom to dream, and to act upon your dreams through conscious endeavor and hard work. I am excited to see Team Uganda’s dreams realized through this campaign.”

Team Uganda has had no shortage of good coaching and support from a young and passionate group of supporters in the USA. The list of talented young Americans is inspiring and serves as a great reflection of the heart and character of the lacrosse community. Visits from the likes of Rob Pannell, Tom Schreiber, Chad Wiedmaier, Ryan Flanagan and John Christmas among nearly one hundred other volunteers have fueled the development and growth of the sport in the nation Winston Churchill once dubbed “The Pearl of Africa.”


“This initiative is all about a passion for life. The enthusiasm and love for the game embodied in the lacrosse community knows no boundaries,” said Kevin Dugan, founder of Fields of Growth. “Dreams tie mankind together. The power of dreams and sharing your passion cannot be underestimated – it serves to fuel a creative love that can help change the world.”

The Dream 2014 Campaign aims to do just that. The theme One World. One Team. One Dream. was crafted by campaign director Aimee Dixon, a dynamic, young leader who played college lacrosse at Louisville and had a stint with the US Olympic Committee before moving to Uganda last year to create a development plan for the Uganda Lacrosse Union and a school for impoverished children. Together with a crew of college and high school students, Dixon is mobilizing a movement that will engage the entire lacrosse community, young and old, to extend the gift and power of a dream to Team Uganda.

For more information on how to support the Dream 2014 Campaign visit Take action, get involved and be the change you want to see in the world.

Editor’s note — The Uganda Lacrosse Team is currently in Denver and will play their first game against Ireland tomorrow — Friday in the Lacrosse World Championship Finals. There are Africa’s only representatives in this new sport picking interest on campuses across the globe!

Source — Lacrosse Uganda Team Union!

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