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Email correspondences between Mengo and US-based Baganda suggest a growing disagreement on how funds raised from next month’s Buganda convention (Ttabamiruka) should be used.

As Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga prepares to attend the annual event, organisers say participants will only contribute money for the purchase of a mobile clinic van, and not for the completion of Masengere plaza, as Mengo suggests. Emails seen by The Observer show the split is sharp.

Mayiga and Nnaabagereka Sylvia Nagginda are expected to visit the United States and Canada between August 31 and September 8 this year. During this time, they will attend the Ttabamiruka and meet various groups. Touring Lubaga division last week, Mayiga emphasised that the current fundraising drive is geared towards completing Masengere plaza, previously known as Bulange plaza.

“I have given people constructing the plaza one year to finish, that is why all the money we are collecting will go towards the project,” Mayiga said during the function where Shs 315m was raised.

This statement, however, contradicts an email sent earlier (on Tuesday May 27, 2014) by his deputy, Emmanuel Ssendaula, to organisers of the convention assuring them that the kingdom would abide by their wishes.

“I have got some complaints from people in America that we are divided as regards to how we shall use the money from the fundraising drive. It is okay if you decide to use the money to buy a mobile clinic van as long as the project is coordinated by Ggwanga Mujje Boston chapter, because in 2012, they were the first to raise this issue,” Ssendaula wrote in Luganda to various people on the organizing committee of the Buganda convention.

In the same email, Ssendaula told the organisers to purchase the mobile clinic van in advance so that by the time Mayiga arrived, it would just be handed over to him.

Some Baganda in America argue that since the health of people of Buganda is important, a mobile clinic van will go a long way in widening the access of these people to health services. The van, which is expected to be fitted with the latest medical equipment, will be stationed, on different days, in a given county of the kingdom.

But the katikkiro has often emphasised that completing some of the kingdom’s projects, such as the reconstruction of Kasubi tombs and Masengere plaza, is top priority. Buganda Kingdom Spokesman Denis Walusimbi told The Observer yesterday that he was not aware of the disagreement and, therefore, could not speak about it.

He said he tried to get in touch with Ssendaula to seek clarification but was told the deputy katikkiro was indisposed. Some Baganda living in America are also not happy with the splits. One of them, James Ssemakula, wrote in an email dated May 1 to Wycliffe Lule-Mukasa, Kabaka’s representative in New York, that there was no reason why Mayiga should meet the Baganda living in Canada, Chicago and Boston separately.

Ssemakula said when the Kabaka was in the USA last year, he preached against factionalism and divisions amongst the Baganda there.

“For me, you will forgive me. I will not go against the Kabaka’s counsel and be part of the people who want to foster divisions among the Baganda,” Ssemakula wrote.

Last year, senior Mengo officials, including Mayiga, did not attend the Ttabamiruka after sharp disagreements emerged between the organisers and Mengo, revolving around the theme of the convention.

Source — The Weekly Observer

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