UNAA Executive Statement in response to UNAA Board of Trustee Resignations

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Brian M. Kwesiga President Ugandan North American Association - UNAA.

Brian M. Kwesiga
Ugandan North American Association – UNAA.

Dear UNAA Members:

It is with mixed feelings that the UNAA Executive Committee has voted to accept the resignations of Dr. Sarah Matovu, Dr. Muniini Mulera, Dr. Opiyo Oloya, Mr. James Serumaga and Mr. Alexander Zabasajja as Trustees of the Ugandan North American Association effective 12:00 noon EST, Monday August 25, 2014.

We join all UNAA’s members in thanking these members for the service they rendered as trustees. We do not bid them farewell but rather trust in benefiting from any wise counsel they may have in the future and wish them well in their next venture.

The only constant in life is change and UNAA’s membership will embrace this as one more step in our journey towards a more perfect association.

As we close this chapter, it is not a time for acrimony but rather one for us to celebrate what has been contributed and more importantly to focus on the opportunities that lie ahead of us. We will rise up as surely as the sun does and still move UNAA forward as a united front – for that is the only task at hand.

Brian M. Kwesiga
President and CEO
Ugandan North American Association – UNAA
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    Rev. Joseph Kamugisha

    Stand warned all ye prospective UNAA BoT candidates, as long as Moses Wilson and Rosette Sserwanga remain on the board, no one will be safe and free from secret recordings, hence freely sharing any victims private input on public forums in the event of any internal disagreements.

    Dr. Muniini, is a good example of how cold hearted the two mentioned characters are. Moving on? Yes, UNAA has great potential and super human resources to move the organization forward but with the continued stay of Wilson and Sserwanga, UNAA is doomed.



    With respect Mr president, ( captain kwesiga sir), your ship just hit a large iceberg with a loud bang! Possibly leaking and damage could drown your innocent & important cargo on board. Is Task at hand to stop and correct steering course? Great to show ambition and spirit but on the right platform. Unaa belongs to the good pple of the diaspora that can organise and sponsor themselves with their old and wise leadership! Who says youthful is always best. I love having a voice. Respect and love Unaa!

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