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The UNAA Causes Grand Finale Gala Dinner at the San Diego Marriott.

The UNAA Causes Grand Finale Gala Dinner at the San Diego Marriott.

Dear friends,

Greeting greetings to you all. As I depart Boston, Massachussetts back New Orleans, Louisiana after participating in the Kitikkiro’s “Etofaali” fundraising I would like to share my experience in San Diego during the labor day weekend at the Uganda North American Convention (UNAA). There is a kiganda proverb, “Okutambula kulaba, okudda kunyumya” literally translated, telling a story after your visit. What I saw in La Jolla San Diego during the 26th UNAA Annual Convention is a story worth sharing.

Disclaimer, before I start it is very important that I clarify two things; First, I am not a representative of UNAA or UNAA Causes. Second, I would like to correct a wrong perception among a sizable number of Ugandans that I was behind the move to take next year’s UNAA convention to New Orleans, Louisiana. Much as I appreciate and welcome UNAA into my city I had no idea that anyone in New Orleans had applied to host the convention. I never participated, I was never consulted and neither was I an advocate for New Orleans, I was as surprised as many of you for the decision but that’s for another day. That credit goes to the UNAA leadership of and not myself. I hope this helps.

Having said the above I can now narrate my experience in San Diego. I left San Diego after the convention wondering what happened to UNAA and hence my title, “UNAA an organization it was”. The UNAA convention used to be a time when people met and consulted, networked, enjoyed themselves, socialized in harmony without much commotion and hatred. Volunteers never bothered about “Consultant fees” and portrayed a sense of professionalism, a high degree of character and integrity without regard to how much money they would make in return. Gone are the days when UNAA leaders projected a sense of direction, purpose for the organization, motivated and inspired others to volunteer and lead the organization in our community.

It is indeed a sad story in the affairs of UNAA, two conventions (UNAA and UNAA Causes) with each claiming to be the right and no willingness for compromise. Leadership dysfunctional, greed, nepotism, corruption, lack of transparence, accountability and hungry for money has destroyed an organization that many of us respected for a very long time. I hope my email will bring some attention to the two fighting groups. It is my hope that the leadership of the two groups and their advisors will take a leaf if they are interested in attracting members of community to their cause and revive the organization to its former glory.

It was about 6:15pm Pacific on Saturday, August 30th, 2014 when I arrived at the elegant Hyatt hotel in La Jolla, San Diego. I had driven about 160miles from my home in Los Angeles a journey that took about 4 hours because of the heavy traffic. This was my first UNAA convention after five years absence since the Chicago Convention at the Chicago Marriott in 2009. I had predicted in Chicago at the convention that UNAA had taken a different direction and was doomed for disaster but I never anticipated for it to get off track this far.

However, I still believe that if the two groups can start a healing process they are a few fresh faces in the community who can revive UNAA and bring it to its original glory. But it will take good leadership, understanding, maturity and willingness to compromise something I didn’t observe at convention. Otherwise, the two groups have a lot of credibility issues and perception is not on their side. Failure to do so might lead to a totally different group emerging to fill the gap. This is because a sizable majority of Ugandans in North America are not impressed with the two groups and would rather go somewhere if someone provided a service without infighting.

The fact that I did not have a side in the impasse gave me a very good opportunity to enjoy the positive part of the two groups while at the same observe, internalize, analyze the two the conventions and at same time engaging some of their leaders.

I would like to congratulate both UNAA and UNAA Causes for pulling off their conventions in a successful way. However, you could tell that despite the success in numbers at both events, the tension at the Hyatt was high, and mood of resignation at the Marriott was visible amongst the organizers because of the realization that the two events belonged in one hotel. In my opinion UNAA had about 650 to 700 attendees, and UNAA Causes had about 350 to 400 attendees. Despite of the fact that the number of attendees for both conventions combined doesn’t come close to even half of the last UNAA convention I attended in Chicago in 2009, they are impressive. Why? Because these two groups spent a great half of the year attacking each other instead of promoting what they had to offer. This was very evident that very few American corporations (sponsors) participated in these two conventions. For example, Money Gram a traditional UNAA sponsor was no where visible at any event.

I thought I would pass by being low key during my arrival at the hotel. I avoided the main entrance and came through the garage at the Hyatt, but someone shouted my name as I approached the lobby counter to check in, “Frank Musisi is here”. When I looked back to my surprise it was a former UNAA Secretary, a lady I last saw in Chicago in 2009. It was nice to see what five years can make. She was very excited to see me. Before I could finish checking in there was a group of young Ugandans who came to embrace me and welcome me at the hotel, “Afande tukwaniriza webale nnyo okujja, it is boat cruise time get ready”, we have missed you and thank you for coming. I was kind of embarrassed by the reception but they made me feel at home.

After checking in and dropping my luggage at my hotel room I came down to see the procedures of getting to the boat cruise, but I could see two lines of people inside the hotel lobby waiting for buses. What surprised me was that there was one person checking the buses, manning the doors, and seemed to be in charge of all the events that day at the Hyatt. It seemed like the UNAA leadership had disappeared or been pushed aside and replaced by our surviving UNAA Board of Trustees (BoT) member and former UNAA President was running the show with his family and a few of his friends. It was very interesting to see how UNAA was being run, in my opinion “one man’s show”.

People started complaining to me that they didn’t understand what was going. There was a group of about 15 people from London and Uganda who approached me for help about getting transportation to the Boat, for some reason they thought I might be one of the officials. I informed them that I was not in charge. I pointed them to the man who seemed to be and was in charge but their response was shocking, “We don’t want to look at that man and we don’t understand why you people allow him to be in charge and cause all the confusion. Nobody elected him”. They were furious about the boat transport which they called, “disorganized and poorly arranged”.

I was saved from the situation by a young man from Los Angeles who was helping security for the UNAA VIPs, he came and told me, “Mr. President welcome, aren’t you going to the boat?”. At this time I asked him for the procedure and he told me that there was a van coming to pick the UNAA executives and he told me I would be going with them. He led me to the UNAA President who was outside the hotel on the phone calling for the buses to come. When UNAA President saw me he said, “Mr. President welcome and we are very happy to see you” at that time the van came and off we went to the docking point.

On the Boat: The UNAA President accorded me the VIP treatment and he made me very welcome. I was surprised by the reception I received on the boat, many people welcomed me and they were all in a party mood. But one senior UNAA member hugged me and said “Afande Musisi I am so happy to see you and we need you back in UNAA”, at this time I laughed him off but he insisted “Afande Musisi please don’t laugh am serious”. I asked him why? At this time he pointed to the bigger boat cruise twice the size of ours that had just taken off and he said, “That is UNAA Causes. There is no leadership in UNAA, people broke off and organized another convention”. He mentioned to me that the BoT surviving is killing UNAA, “He’s controlling these young people and there is no leadership it’s pathetic”, he lamented. At that time I told him that I came to enjoy myself too.

I then proceeded to the lower level of the cruise, this was reserved for networking especially for business men and women from Uganda and U.S. As soon as I stepped down I could hear my name being called in several directions. I proceeded to the table where three top business executives from Uganda were seated. They welcomed and asked me what was going on, “Why couldn’t we all be on the same boat?, Why are there these divisions?”, they asked. In fact two of them said until UNAA sorts itself out they are not coming back. Because of the respect I have for them I spent a great deal of time socializing and digesting UNAA issues.

We cruised for about one and half to two hours. We eventually came back to the dock, it was interesting here because now all the two groups were together. Here I got to see a lot of senior UNAA members from Southern California coming from the UNAA Causes boat cruise. Very interesting scenario. I also wondered why we all could not be on the same boat. Was it because of money? Was it because of ego? Was it because of personality conflicts? Surprisingly the two groups mixed up as we waited for buses and some of them rode on the same buses because the hotels were not far from each other. Very interesting to see the current affairs of UNAA.

Back to the Hyatt hotel: It was party time and dancing time. The situation at the Hyatt was very confusing; some people had to pay at the doors to be allowed to enter in any of the events. However, I was allowed to enter into all events without hindrance of paying courtesy of the UNAA President. I ran into many people asking me for help in uniting the two groups so that we can be together as one team next time. You could see that people were bothered with the idea of having two conventions each one being a block away. At about 3:00am I had enough of it and went to sleep.

Sunday, 31st August 2014. I had breakfast with a senior UNAA member at the Hyatt who asked me whether I had been at the UNAA Causes hotel at the Marriott. I told him that no, but I wanted to go there. After breakfast we drove together to the hotel. When I arrived at the Marriott I was surprised to see folks I had not seen in a long time and some of whom I know last attended UNAA during the 1994 convention in Hollywood, Los Angeles. One lady asked me where I was staying and I said at the Hyatt. She was shocked as to why I was at the Hyatt. She said, “Your people are here”. I told her that both are my people. I continued to interact with people at the Marriott and I wanted to find out the problem myself because I had questions I wanted to personally ask the organizers in UNAA Causes.

However, there was a huge contrast between the two groups. The event at the Hyatt seemed like a Uganda government organized event, on the other hand the one at the Marriott seemed like was run and organized by Ugandans. One felt very easy and very relaxed at the Marriott. Hyatt one felt like you have to be very careful like big brother is watching. At least that was my observation. After interacting with people and some of the organizers at the Marriott I went back to the Hyatt because I wanted to attend the UNAA Members Special meeting. I asked some of the organizers of UNAA Causes what was their intent and goal. I wanted to know if they wanted to talk to UNAA leadership. To my surprise they sounded resigned and conciliatory and were willing and open to talk. Once I got that hint I thought there was room to initiate the dialog. I decided to go and attend the UNAA Members Special meeting and see if the leadership of UNAA was interested in dialog with UNAA Causes.

UNAA Members Special Meeting. The meeting was two to three hours behind schedule and only about 38 to 50 people showed up. When the meeting started no one was in charge, no agenda and it was fiasco. Our good surviving BoT member informed us that there was no quorum and any discussion in the meeting was just simple talk, “UNAA needs 170 members to have a quorum”, he said. This didn’t go very well with members present and they demanded the UNAA President shows up and address the meeting. People politely asked the surviving BoT member to let the UNAA leadership take charge of the meeting. The UNAA Vice President addressed us as we waited for the UNAA President. At this time I wondered if out of 650 to 700 people you could only attract 50 people maximum interested in UNAA official business, then UNAA issues and problems would be there for a long time. Majority of people complained but they didn’t want to spend time working on the problem at hand. In my opinion I concluded that a few people will continue to rule and manage the affairs of the organization.

UNAA President shows up. He addressed us and narrated to us the events leading to his disagreements with the BoT, his interpretation of the UNAA Constitution, his firing of the UNAA Treasurer, and the resignation of UNAA BoT members. After listening to all this I was left wondering where the UNAA President and executive got the power to fire the UNAA Treasurer? Why the UNAA Treasurer refused to pay UNAA bills? Why UNAA BoT, UNAA Council and UNAA Executives could not compromise for the sake of the organization. Many people recommended dialog but it seems like two of the UNAA President’s close advisors in my opinion are not interested in dialog. After listening to people’s opinions I also had a word to say.

However, I was surprised by the comments of some people who are close to the UNAA President. I think they are driven by selfish motives and would not like to see the two groups come back together. It seems like it is about personal benefit, “money” for them. Then the language used by some of people in the meeting to describe the folks at the UNAA Causes was very primitive. Much as I didn’t agree with UNAA Causes having another convention using the same name, I didn’t appreciate them being described in that category, it was not worthy. We live in a country which embraces free choice, freedom of assembly and association, so no need to be abusive like that. At that time I concluded the meeting was a waste of my time and I left.

Dinner Time: I had been invited to both UNAA and UNAA Causes dinner. I ate the UNAA Cause dinner their food was fantastic. Very good food I really enjoyed it. I also used the time to dialog with some of the senior BoT members who had resigned two days earlier. I was able to get a lof of information from them. What I can say is that they were conciliatory and I could sense of willingness for dialog. Because they didn’t have many speakers at UNAA Causes their event was fast and the entertainment followed immediately after dinner. After watching the fashion show and some performances I headed back to the Hyatt.

One thing I must point out though is that it is not all well at the UNAA Causes camp. They have some of the people considered by a lot of people in UNAA to have mismanaged UNAA for sometime, according to folks who were at both hotels. Some people at Hyatt confided to me that they would have attended the Marriott event but when they discovered some of the organizers of the UNAA Causes they changed their mind and chose to go to the Hyatt. They said that the difference was only in Hotels because the people were still the same. UNAA members perception for some of the leadership in UNAA Causes is not good. Some of the leading people in UNAA Causes are perceived very negatively by a sizable number of our community.

Dinner at the Hyatt. Here again the MC was none other than our surviving member of the BoT. When I arrived speeches were still going on and finally the guest of Honor, the Prime Minister of Uganda addressed the members at the Hyatt. Two things that caught my attention in his speech; first, VISA fee paid by visiting members our community should be scrapped, and second, he is going to have the Uganda government increase its sponsorship money to UNAA annually. At this time one lady next to me wondered why the Uganda government would give us money when we are better off. “Why not give it to the hospitals in Uganda”, the lady asked.

Way Forward: UNAA in my opinion has two problems; one is structural, and two is leadership.

Structural, the constitution has to be revised and amended if we are to avoid all this impasse in future. The UNAA President inherited a constitution that is very problematic and very hard to implement in case of disagreements. It created three branches with nothing to do. Take for example a large UNAA council without anything to do. Approve a budget with no income and that is why people fight for conventions. It needs amendments. In fact if it is up to me I would scrap both BoT and Council and head back to the Board of Directors. The amendments are needed immediately if you want to attract members to the organization. One thing UNAA needs also is the independent electoral commission. In my opinion UNAA elections should be handled by an outside nonprofit organization. This would solve a lot of problems related to elections.

Leadership, the UNAA President has to take charge of the organization instead of being run over by others who are ruling by proxy. The UNAA President needs to show leadership and start the dialog immediately with some of the people in UNAA Causes and also some of the UNAA Transformers. Those are groups he needs to bring back to the organization. Of course the UNAA Causes and Transformers too have a bigger part to play. They have to be willing to compromise instead of digging in their positions. The two groups need to dialog in a very mature way. It is going to take a lot of courage but they have to do it for the sake of the organization. UNAA is needed as pressure group to help our community. If the UNAA President can show leadership and demonstrate that he’s in charge of the organization he will also attract people who have not been coming to UNAA for some time. People are interested in new faces and leadership.

UNAA President needs to concentrate on attracting funding from the United States instead of over relying on the Uganda government for sponsorship. The more corporations you get to sponsor you from here in America the better. A lot of people are not very comfortable when they see UNAA begging Uganda government for more funds. What is also interesting to note is that both UNAA and UNAA Causes lobbied the Uganda government for funding.

Ladies and gentlemen, failure to do the above will see more dark days in UNAA. Thank you reading my analysis and I hope I have given you a candid and fair assessment of what I saw in San Diego during the 26th UNAA Annual Convention during the labor day weekend. Good luck.

May God bless you all.


Frank Musisi

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    Edriss S Kironde

    September 12th, 2014

    Ladies and gentlemen greetings and please tighten your belts, just did so literally on flight UA792 bound for Chicago O’Hare where I am destined to catch another flight UA928 to London Heathrow to attend the Ugandan UK one day convention on the 13th Sept at the Troxy Arena East of London near Canary Wharf.

    Afande Musisi, thank you for your observations and they may not be far from what other people may have observed as well and anyone dismissing your own opinions or observations need to tell us their own. One thing though most will need clarification is both sides lobbying Ugandan government funding. This is the first time I am reading about it and we need more information and transparency on the side of UNAACAUSES if someone did not misrepresent our group in attempting to lobby the Ugandan government for money masquerading as a representative for unaacauses. Please please, more information on this before we dismiss the allegations. As far as am concerned, none of the people I worked with to impose sanctions to the renagades that violated the UNAA Bylaws ever did or made attempts to lobby the Ugandan government for sponsorship in planning the San Diego Festivities for 2014.

    In your observations Afande Musisis, you did not see or heard wind of unaacauses collecting money to buy guns to overthrow the government of Uganda or committing terrorists acts as some lowlifers wrongly categorized Unaa members opposed to constitution violations. Mr Moses Nekyon, who formaerly I regarded as a friend who is also another senior missadviser of Mr Kwesiga’s administration, called some of my friends, in an attempt to increase the Ugandan government funding of unaa and to tell them that I and the group I am with, hate people from Western Uganda . His team also wrote to the Ugandan authority providing names of some of those who came out strongly to oppose the violations of the Unaa constitutions as people opposed to the Ugandan government and some of the names given were Dr Sarah Matovu, Dr Munini Mulera, Dr Opio Oloya, Mr Benon Mukasa and others. Fellow Ugandans, you are dealing with snakes and I was thinking of escalating it to the US State Department but cautioned by some elders I respect so much in our community, though still wrestling with the idea. So Afande, you see how far we have come even if there were absolute dialogue, there are some people who would not want to seat across “terrorists” or those labeled as a “group raising money to overthrow the government of Uganda”. I will put a footnote in my disclaimer here: It is a fact that I have never denied my strong support for the government of Uganda and trotting the Globe sensitizing the Ugandan Diaspora about the achievements of the NRM and spending weeks and weeks in Ugandan villages campaigning for NRM MPs, yet spending my own money and would reiterate it here, in the 30 years I have defended the NRM before and after capturing power in Uganda, I have never, never been given a penny and have no known living relative who serves or ever served the NRM government. Today those masquerading as defenders of the NRM government or rubbing shoulders government officials at the Hyatt during the convention, are diehard anti Ugandan government with their pictures still litering the cyber space with scathing placards.
    The moment one confuses those opposed to the violations of our constitution or that those who went to the family organized convention at the Hyatt as pro Ugandan government, one fails to understand why we are where we are today. I would hate to see the Ugandan government being dragged into the failures of UNAA. UNAA’s failures lie squarely on Brian’s weak leadership and the strength of the wolves surrounding him. Yes, I use the plurality of a wolf as one of the kindest word for anyone labeling you a terrorist Those who were on the Board when Mr Wilson, as the Elected UNAA president then, issued a damaging statement towards the NRM government when Dr Besigye was sprayed with tear gas, know exactly our exchanges and my strong stand against the wording and Nick Kalanzi and Benon Mukasa very well know the heated exchanges and I have never lost a single threads. For anyone to label Mr Wilson or Brian’s Executive as pro Ugandan government than Myself is laughable. The Ugandan government is in for a rude awakening for backing the wrong tree. During the Radio Uganda talk show hosted by Mr Nsereko, why responding to callers, the presumed Unaa president Brain Kwesiga , failed to answer a question and used the occasion to lambast the Uganda government telling listeners that Ugandans in North America should not be like the Ugandan government that uses kangaroo courts and went ahead to cite the way the Kampala Mayor was removed from office. Well, brian too used kangaroo courts to (a) bring non Unaa members into office, (b) he used kangaroo courts to appoint fake UNAA Directors (c) Brian used kangaroo courts to appoint himself as UNAA treasurer (d) Brian Kwesiga used kangaroo courts to fire the elected UNAA Treasurer (misadvised by Mr Wilson because the treasurer would not release money before the council would approve such a significan amount for the AV equipment sourced again by Mr Wilson himself. (e) Brian not only used kangaroo courts but forged documents to open up a another bank account wrongly labeling it a Unaa bank account. An account qualifying to be labeled as thus, must bare the signature of a Unaa treasurer and it is only the BoT that can review and close any account belonging to theorganisation. (f) Brian used kangaroo courts to coerce the UNAA Sec Mrs Aisha Ogwang to secretly obtain a duplicate Debit card, using Kangaroo courts Brian connived with the Electoral Commission to declare Mr Wakou as an elected council member without a bye election as stipulated in our Bylaws. Even if one candidate had declared no interest to stand in a byelection, other members would have been given a chance to stand and if nobody else came out, the UNAA EC would gazette or broadcast to the Unaa membership the dates of a byelection and that it had a sole candidate and after time would lapse, Mr Wakou would then have been declared as an elected council member. (g) Kwesiga in concert with Gaburungyi used kangaroo courts to remove 8 duly elected council members because of exposing the fraudulent way Rahim Kabagambe was smuggled onto the council, and all along duping Unaa member that “let’s wait ang go to San Diego for members to decide Kabagambe’s fate, but 8 council members were not as important as Brian’s schoolmate.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you know where we are coming from and in the light of the above, do not expect anything to come out in New Orleans as the same people like Mr Michael Kimbugwe who cooked up his own candidate list is still at the helm.

    Afande Musisi, I would briefly want to dwell on your disclaimer of the New Orleans venue, I want to believe you and the venue, as someone said it came after debating a number of options. The Bostom Martiott Copley had recieved applications from two different people and people in Seattle also generated interest as Sg Katende rallied them to put a package together and most of them knew it was merely a formality since the “Unaa exec had zeroed on their city”, this was not true,. Brian’ uncle had instructed that the next convention must be within a radius of 300 miles, whereby it would be easy to drive busfulls of “voters” to support Brian in his second term. The inner circle is alleged to have said that Sg Katende is not very trusted and if they went to Seattle, he might run against Brian and Boston was a no go since Brian only prevailed by 30 votes even in his home turf and despite the shenanigans of blocking voters not to register citing deadlines, he almost lost and the sacred guarded voters’ register, may not yield anticipated outcome, so Lousiana came in handy and you can declare results today if Brian still nourishes interests to to further tear up UNAA.

    About to catch my next flight, you can release your seat belts now and relax, as no more surprises. I want to use this opportunity to rally all Ugandns in North America to prevail over the current UNAA Executive impose pressure, on the minimum, to accept the UNAA constitution that brought them to power. In unaacauses, we will continue to provide insight, information and leadership to thousands of community members and let them have choices.I thank all people who attended both functions and neither side should rejoice until we are under one roof under the laws that govern our establishment. Knowing what you know now, you will either support Brian’s continued breach of the Unaa constitution or dwell upon him to accept and respect our Bylaws and let the established checks and balances work, they were put there for a reason

    B.T.W : I met with some anchors of Radio Munnansi who had made it a habit to castigate Edriss Kironde and to their surprise, I encouraged them to freely express their opinions as we live in a country that respects free speech and I am just a dot when it comes to bringing Our community together, peace.


    Swaibu Tamale

    Well very interesting and so sad.Anyway agali awamu gegaluma enyama lets work on that.

    Henry Ndawula

    Great observations & recommendations. UNNA is a typical Ugandan organization with typical Ugandan problems. It is pruned with opportunism, greed & and personal interests on part of the leaders while the majority choose to remain in their comfort zones criticizing at best rather than participating to find solutions.

    To change UNNA you need to change the Ugandan mentality & attitude which is a hard nut to crack. I see no future in this organization rather than remaining a tool of those willing to sponsor and use it as such to further their interests.

      Barbara Kisakye

      Well said, Henry Ndawula. Observations of UNAA and UNAA Causes does not require too many words; “opportunism, greed and personal interest” surely sums it up. All the rhetoric I have read from others is simply a waste of time. Thank you for that summary.

    Benon Mukasa

    Captain Musisi:

    Thank you for sharing your observations of the UNAA Convention and the UNAACAUSES festival in San Diego. You have shed some valuable light on what transpired at both hotels and on both the boats. And I commend you for your willingness to engage both sides in San Diego.

    However, as one of the central figures of UNAA CAUSES, I would like to categorically state that, we never solicited any sponsorship from the Ugandan or any other government. And we do not ever intend to do so in the future. Our disagreements with the UNAA executive stem partly from their apparent over reliance on the Ugandan government sponsorship and patronage. Not to mention their flagrant disregard of our constitution.

    We are fully funded by the ordinary Ugandan and our friends resident in North America who so far have humbled us with their overwhelming support and donations even from those who could not come to San Diego. And suprisingly from a number of individuals who stayed at the Hyatt and later came to understand and appreciate our cause. We are steadfast in our resolve to observe constitutional governance and the rule of law. We refuse to follow those who have chosen to shred our constitution and chosen to run UNAA like private property.

    Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have supported us and we promise you that our next meeting, location to be announced soon will even be better and trully for the people.

    Benon Mukasa.

      Counsel one

      Therein lies the problems paralyzing Africa.

      If supposedly professional folks,with exposure to sophisticated governance mechanisms and processes cannot amicably run a simple organization, how do they expect the remaining populace in their native countries to act differently.

      The crude and primitive practices alluded to here are major explanations as to why Africa remains to be littered with wars, famine, disease and poverty.

      We are not interested in the internal intrigues of who said and did what and when. That is a petty and futile exercise.

      We need to clean up. Otherwise, this generation of Africans and the two or three after us are doomed. And we will remain the poorest and most diseased population on earth.

      Way forward:

      Conduct a resolution to endorse or reject the the two bodies.

      And then reform the constitution, election and financing of the respective organisation/s. If intrigue persists or no clear mandate. Disband and start afresh with an organization answerable to its membership and grass root led.

      And then get on with the serious business of shaping and developing the motherland for the benefits of all us devoid of political allegiance.

      Otherwise don’t waste our time with this neardenthalic nonsense. Folks put up or shut up. And if not now when? If not us who? Ponder on that folks.

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