Dallas Dispatch | President Museveni Meets Ugandan and Texas Business Community

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Uganda’s President H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni arrived in Dallas yesterday to attend a trade and investment forum organised by Ugandans in Dallas. While in Texas the President met with the Texas business community.

During his meeting the President assured the business community of low electricity tariffs and minimal tax for those investing in the manufacturing sector, among other incentives. Earlier in the day the President had been received at Love-field Dallas Fort-worth Airport by Uganda’s Ambassador to Washington H.E Oliva Wonehka, the Chair of the organizing committee of the Dallas visit Pastor Richard Bazanye, The Honorary Counsel of Uganda to Dallas – Eng. David Mureeba and representatives from Ugandan North American Association.

The President’s visit to Dallas did not come without hiccups. Reports that had earlier surfaced on Social Media indicated that his earlier booking at the Four Seasons Resort And Club in Irving, a stone’s throw away from Exxon-Mobil World Headquarters had been cancelled.

This development came soon after an article in The Dallas Voice revealed plans by the Dallas-area LGBT community to protest President Museveni’s visit in the Area. Earlier this year, Uganda’s parliament passed an Anti-Gay law which criminalized Homosexuality in Uganda. Last month the law was declared unconstitutional on a technicality but lawmakers are attempting to pass it again — reported some Dallas Online news sources!

The President’s visit to Dallas also comes at a time when Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) Membership is bitterly divided following their recent parallel conventions in San Diego. With next year’s convention planned to return to the Southern State of Louisiana in New Orleans the other group (UNAA CAUSES) is expected to head North to either Boston of New York. We await to see if the President’s visit will help heal and preserve what was believed to be the oldest and most organised Ugandan Community Association abroad.

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    Oh! Pastor Bazanye. OB .I could easily notice you! This was good!

    Richard Sensalo

    Hope that, the President’s intervention helps resolve the current crisis UNAA is experiencing.

    Rev. Joseph Kamugisha

    There was no “Intervention” his visit made things worst! Imagine adding more money to the un accounted annual checks UNAA receives from the government of Uganda plus an addition $50.000. But it even gets worse when another $50.000 is given only to be divided among ALL UNAA communities across the country! Oba who will be responsible for the distribution, what criteria and how much will each receive? But all that aside, microphones were unplugged by non other than UNAA’s VP Monday Atigo, when questions about unnecessary UNAA funding were raised. Any wonder why these boys are fighting so hard to control UNAA? JK

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