Going Bongo — A Feature Film About an American Volunteer Doctor In East Africa

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Synopsis — Going Bongo is a feature film that tells a story about a Beverly Hills doctor who mistakenly volunteers to work for one month in a hospital in East Africa. As he tries to implement his “American ways” to his new colleagues, he learns a few lessons that make him realize that new and simpler ways need to be implemented instead of his complex American ways.

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As he builds his bond with his new colleagues, an experienced African doctor, a nurse with a dream and an Italian volunteer doctor, he discovers what is missing within himself. Once his one month stint finishes, he goes back to Los Angeles where his fiancée and a new dream job at the Beverly Hills medical center is waiting for him. Feeling out of place, he decides to return to Africa and the hospital where he built various relationships with patients, doctors, nurses and general hospital staff.

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About the film — Going Bongo is a first East African film to get accepted by iTunes. It is about an American doctor who mistakenly volunteers to work in East Africa for one month. The film is drama-comedy, rated PG and suitable for all ages.

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