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Dear Editor,

I am an avid reader of Ugandan Diaspora News, and believe that we have to encourage each other away from home.  We also have to try and make a difference to the place that molded us and formed part of our roots, traditions, values and morals. I would appreciate it if you could share my cause with your readers.

I fell in love with the Uganda, specifically family, the music, the avocados and pineapples and most importantly the free spirited people.

Some people may have in fact given up on thinking we can change the world, or better yet have become accustomed to the every day struggle that a common Ugandan goes through. However each trip gave me a reality check that life isn’t as smooth and jolly as we have been so privileged to experience. With the support of my father Richard Hughes and his engineering expertise, I have managed to put together my first campaign called Project Loo

tina hughes

As common as the pit latrine is, there are several health and environmental risks involved. Project Loo is my means of installing toilets, proper plumbing and running water in local primary schools, ensuring that the students stay in school, graduate and become contributing citizens to the Ugandan economy!

So I will ask each and every one of you, DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A CHANGE AGENT? An Agent who wants to invest in infrastructure that can support proper sanitation in a school for over 352 students and support staff! Whether, it’s $20, $50, $100 or even $500 your contribution will ensure cleans hands, and believe it or not clean hands save lives!

Please take the time to be pioneers and share this initiative with all your friends, colleagues and social media contacts. Visit the Project Loo link and contribute. I promise that together we can make a small change for those who still live back home.


Kristina Hughes
(A Ugandan Canadian who loves her home away from home)

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    No offense, but I love how every “change agent” from afar thinks their solution will fix all structural complexities….I think it helps meekly stating one’s goal and vision….No! Project Loo proper toilets, plumbing and running water will NOT ensure “that the students will stay in school, graduate and become contributing citizens to the Ugandan economy.” But it could contribute to improving hygiene and sanitation in target schools. Have you thought about where and how you are gonna pump the water into schools, for instance? …I’ve worked with Uganda schools on health, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition…I applaud your dreams and zeal and encourage you to go ahead. But I want you to have measurable output /achievements from your project. You just need to restatement.

    All the best!

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